What We Learned From New Logan Trailer

The greatest takeaway from the brand new Logan trailer just dropped this week was that of little Laura, aka X-23. With the little girl holding the key to the survival of her species. Bringing out her own set of miniature claws to terrify an ensemble of deadly assassins, including Boyd Holbrook's Donald Pierce, the future of the mutant race could be saved after all.

Less than 12 hours old, the latest 2-minute offering from 20th Century Fox has managed a staggering 2.7m views. And this is only the PC version that doesn't include two major F bombs by Hugh Jackman and Patrick Stewart respectively via the international trailer. Leading into the March 3 release that will be show in IMAX, this short provides an action packed teaser like few other movies have ever managed.

First 40 Is Sad, But Emotionally Powerful: Reviewer

While the fans are left to speculate over the events of the R-rated Marvel blockbuster, Katharine Trendacosta of Gizmodo outlines how we see a superhero starting off as a shadow of his former self.


"Logan starts with the titular character sleeping in his car, just in case you wondered how bad things have gotten for the X-Man," begins Trendacosta. "He wakes to find men trying to carjack his limo, and has to fight them off. But this isn’t the berserker Logan we’ve seen before, he’s tired; he doesn’t want to fight at all. He’s clearly only doing it because he needs the car. And he’s also not healing as well as he should—when his claws come out, (they) extend slowly, painfully."

To make matters worse, Charles Xavier is hitching along for the ride and he is at his wit's end. "Two days on the road, only one meal and hardly any sleep. She's 11, I'm f****ing 90!" Appears like there will be a bit of black humor thrown in for good measure.

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What Is The Deal With X-Men Villain Caliban?

Stephen Merchant as Caliban in Logan

As Stephen Merchant prepares to transition from UK funny guy to creepy Marvel villain, director James Mangold offered some insight to Nerdist about the role he has in Logan. Such as why he was part of two features following on from a small role in X-Men: Apocalypse.

"It's funny," replied the filmmaker. "It's a messy story of how often these things are not as coordinated as everything thinks. I had actually written him into our movie (Logan) and they didn't know at Apocalypse and they kind of wrote it in their movie."

With Tomas Lemarquis' portrayal appearing as nothing more than a cameo, Merchant is expected to play a much bigger and scarier role.

Source: Nerdist, Gizmodo