Leaked Images Go Viral For New Spider-Man: Homecoming Villain

Collider reports that a new villain is on the scene for Spider-Man: Homecoming. Just as the cast begins to take shape for the upcoming Marvel feature. Bokeem Woodbine is the masked man photographed in a full-bodied yellow suit. Rumors have begun to circulate that he will portray Herman Schultz AKA The Shocker. But don't get your hopes up yet, as that detail has yet to be officially confirmed.

Rest Of The Homecoming Cast Falling Into Place

Spider-Man Homecoming Cast

The Stan Lee creation and 2017 reboot already gave fans a taste of what to expect with Captain America: Civil War. The Marvel installment previewed a young Brit Tom Holland in the web-tangling role. He stars alongside Marisa Tomei as Aunt May and Robert Downey Jr. reprising Tony Stark/Iron Man. But the production trailer appears like it will be pretty full, with a host of other big names joining in.

Michael Keaton will return to the superhero genre but this time he will try his hand at being a bad guy as the Vulture. Michael Chernus will antagonize to the best of his abilities as The Tinkerer. The Jon Watts-directed picture will also star Zendaya, Jacob Batalon, Tony Revolori, Martin Starr, Angourie Rice, Hannibal Buress, and Donald Glover.

Background On The Shocker

The Shocker Leaked Image

The Shocker first hit the comic book series in 1967. Seeing New York High School dropout Herman Schultz turn away from his engineering brilliance to wreck havoc via a barrage of gauntlets known as "vibro-smashers." But don't mistake him for being unhinged or off-the-charts, as the casting of Woodbine illustrates. The Fargo actor will be much more calculated and unassuming than his counterpart villains.

Woodbine's portrayal of Mike Milligan in the 2015 television spin off of Fargo won the 43-year old high acclaim for his cold indifference to those around him, transitioning from a well-mannered member of society to a crazed killer in the space of a single scene. This role will provide Woodbine with a chance to shine just as much on the big screen. Alongside Keaton and Chernus, Spider-Man will have his hands full to combat a trio of evil characters out to destroy him.