Lady Gaga and Ray Liotta Team Up For Reboot Of A Star Is Born

THR reports that Goodfellas actor Ray Liotta is set to link up with none other than Lady Gaga for a remake of A Star Is Born. This will be the second reboot of the feature that tried again to make a fresh version in 1976 from the 1954 original.

Telling the story of a young emerging singer who uses the aid of a fading force in the industry, the feel-good-musical will pair the unlikely couple together on screen. Although the roles are yet to be confirmed. Liotta's most recent work came in the form of the Matthew Coppola production Alone next to Sophie Turner of Game of Thrones fame.

Directorial Debut For Bradley Cooper

Bradley Cooper A Star is Born

Liotta and Gaga might now draw the biggest headlines for a movie, but having Bradley Cooper behind the camera in the director's chair for the first time in his career has caused people in Hollywood to sit up and take notice. The War Dogs, American Sniper and Hangover star has developed quite the reputation over the past decade. And this will be an incredible opportunity to see how he fares in a different capacity.

There were elements in his character for the 2012 smash hit drama Silver Linings Playbook that he has a musical side to his personality. But this news is really out-of-the-box material. After this it would be fair to conclude that the 41-year old from Philly is anything but one dimensional. Being a voiceover actor in Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy to playing a renegade in Limitless to an a**hole in the 2005 comedy Wedding Crashes. He's done it all!

Lady Less Than Gaga Over 2016 Decision

Lady Gaga American Horror Story

While the pop star will look to expand on her acting experience after playing a role in American Horror Story, Metro reports that the 30-year old New York native has been busy being political. The singer protested outside Trump Tower to sport a sign that read "Love trumps hate." Being one of the millions of locals who know the president elect better than most due to the proximity, the upcoming Super Bowl 51 halftime show performer left no doubt as to her response to the vote.

Perhaps a role in a musical will help lighten her mood and the nations for that matter as she has shown a clear ability to mix acting with singing. Cooper has a lot to work with and it will be fascinating to see what he can produce.