What We Know about Han Solo Going Solo in the Upcoming Anthology

After an announcement was made that Han Solo was getting his own spin-off film, the first question was, "Who is going to play him?" Stepping into the charming and devastatingly cool shoes of Harrison Ford is no easy task. And it takes a certain boldness to attempt it. Enter, Alden Ehrenreich. The relatively young actor has made his way in film and television for the last decade with Woody Allen’s Blue Jasmine and then Coen Brothers’ Hail Caesar sticking out among the rest.

The exact details of the new film have yet to be released. And since Star Wars films are not known for their sharing of details prior to release, audiences can only expect a few choice clues to what is in store for young Han Solo.

Han Solo Tidbits

If one thing is for certain, the movie is sure to have humor galore. Filmmakers Phil Lord and Christopher Miller are known for their hilarious work with the 21 Jump Street films. They even mastered comedy for all ages with The Lego Movie. Before that, they were writing for television’s How I Met Your Mother. Who better to make a film about the cockiest and wittiest (next to Chewie) dude in the Star Wars universe than these two?

Naomi Scott for Han Solo

Now, there are reports of a few actresses vying for the female lead. Tessa Thompson, known for films Selma and Creed, is one of three actresses auditioning for the role. Naomi Scott, who recently scored with the role of the Pink Ranger in the upcoming Power Rangers film, was also asked to audition. And finally we have Zoe Kravitz. The gorgeous actress who is the product of her gorgeous parents, Lisa Bonet and Lenny Kravitz, has carved out quite the career for herself. She was also on the short list of possible Han Solo co-stars.

Anything can happen between now and the film's release. But one of these three young actresses is most likely going to score a major role in an anthology. Will the films and Ehrenreich live up to the beloved character? Audiences have to wait until 2018 to find out.