Kevin Smith: I Will Release Clerks 3 and Mallrats 2 Scripts

Hosting a weekly podcast allows fans to listen in on Kevin Smith's latest opinions and thoughts on the hottest topics in television and film via his show SModcast. The latest episode this week followed on from the 46-year old's desire to reboot Jay and Silent Bob. Indicating that the pictures that spawned the characters are in need of similar treatment.

But while he has a strong desire to make a host of remakes/spinoffs across the board for a series he titles the View Askewniverse, Smith admitted that neither Clerks or Mallrats will likely make it to the big screen in the near future. The filmmaker has not put the brakes on the fans however, deciding to push out the content in written form. At least, if the studio and interested parties won't come to the table and sort out a deal in the interim.

Fresh Content Is Coming, In One Way, Shape or Form

Mallrats Kevin Smith

Talking about the topic with his co-host, Smith offered a fresh update to argue that the franchise will still be showcased. Perhaps this is a ploy to get the process moving along and apply some public pressure to proceedings. Yet Smith will not let the fans be denied.

“Sooner or later, I will put the scripts out there for Clerks 3," remarked the writer and actor. "A comic book or something like that, so people can see it. And the same thing for Mallrats. Probably Mallrats 2, the movie script, we’ll do as a comic book or something like that.”

This would not be the first time his creations have veered off into different territory, with the 1995 animated television series MallBrats acting as a sequel to the motion picture.

Lots of Talk, Little Action From Kevin's End

Mallrats Reboot

Bleeding Cool made the unpopular case for the prosecution, believing that his desire to make the content is not matched with tangible evidence.

“Smith hasn’t exactly had the best track record of follow-through with his comic books. In 2002, he launched two six issue minis at Marvel, Spider-Man/Black Cat: The Evil That Men Do and Daredevil/Bullseye: Target. The former was delayed by three years before being completed, and the latter only ever managed to see one issue published. Smith’s 2010 Batman mini-series, The Widening Gyre, was meant to be 12 issues, but ended at six when it became clear Smith wouldn’t be able to complete it. The remaining issues were supposed to be published in 2014 as a new mini, Batman: Bellicosity, but that never happened either.”

Source: /FILM, Bleeding Cool