Kevin Smith Wants To Reboot Mallrats To The Small Screen

Collider reports that Kevin Smith is on a mission. He wants his 1995 cult comedy Mallrats to come back to life on television and he's not even keeping his ambition a secret. They explain that the director/actor told his fans early in the year that he wanted the series to be a 10-episode run that followed on from the film. Though 21 years later, Smith hopes to satisfy the appetite of those desperate to see the story return in some capacity.

Smith Uses Social Media To Outline His Plan Of Attack

Kevin Smith Pitching Mallrats

Taking to Facebook, the director posted photos of the original cast including Shannen Doherty, Stan Lee, Michael Rooker, Jason Lee and Jason Mewes. The photos are indication that Smith is getting his ducks in a row before he arrives at the negotiation table with prospective production companies.

“Today, I start pitching the (Mallrats) series, which began life back in March 2015 as a movie,” said the star of Dogma. “But now, with Jim and Dan from Universal Television, I’ll spend the next week trying to find a home for our sequel series at places like Showtime, Netflix, Amazon, and Hulu.”

Maybe the attached photos were just a means of getting some extra content in there. But it does lend itself to the idea that these are players who have agreed to comeback to the project and revive their roles. Smith worked as both an actor and director in the 1995 release. And, while he hasn't revealed exactly how much involvement he will have in either capacity, he will be eager to get some signatures on paper as he pitches to the various networks.

Movie Reboots For TV Now Commonplace

Fargo TV Reboot

It is a smart ploy for Kevin Smith to identify that the best way to reboot a 90s film is to get a syndicated television series out of it. From Fargo to Twin Peaks, The Flash, Full House and many more. Entertainment content sites are always looking for the nostalgic edge in the industry. Causing them to squeeze the life out of anything left from an era where the audience wanted a story to fall in love with.

As original ideas become more and more scarce, Mallrats might very well be the next addition to your Netflix or Hulu subscription. Watch this space!