Kevin Smith: The Flash Should Hire Deadpool’s Tim Miller To Direct

What do we want from The Flash come 2018? Funny, edgy, new, fresh? Well that is the argument being driven by Clerks star and superhero movie buff Kevin Smith who thinks that Tim Miller's work from Deadpool is the ideal framework in which to create the DC spinoff.

The 46-year old thinks he would be the ideal candidate to help guide the Ezra Miller production, but not necessarily in the R-rated fashion that made the Marvel flick such a cult hit with fans around the world.

Walking away from Ryan Reynolds and Marvel due to "creative differences," it would make plenty of headlines should Miller transfer across to rivals in the DC Cinematic Universe.

Smith Says The Character Faces An Uphill Battle To Convince

The Flash CW Wallpaper

Already creating waves on the small screen with the same character, Smith believes it will take something special akin to Deadpool to make him just as popular at the movies. Perhaps it will be Miller who has that magic touch to go beyond the obvious.

“(Tim Miller) is visually f***ing gifted,” said the Dogma director. “He’d think of something that’d convey running. Because that’s, you know, we’ve seen tastes of running fast in the X-Men movies and now in the Avengers movie. But for a whole Flash movie? You’ve gotta do something like fucking astounding and new.”

Comparisons With Quicksilver

X-Men: Apocalypse

In both the Marvel and DC worlds, the fast guy is also the comic relief. That is what we saw during X-Men: Apocalypse via Evan Peters' portrayal of Quicksilver, the quick-lipped mutant who moved faster than a speeding bullet. His character provided plenty of laughs with some well-directed sequences among a fairly grim film that was chaotic at best.

This might be something an incoming director would look at for Miller as they lay the groundwork for an origin story. Since Rick Famuyiwa walked away from the role earlier in the year, DC essentially have a clean slate in which to work with. Do they take Kevin Smith's advice or go for something really out of the box?

Source: Inverse