Kevin Smith Puts Hand Up To Direct The Flash

Rarely has a vacancy for a director's chair been so coveted and so public. But this is the case for DC's upcoming spinoff for The Flash. Now, with a number of names being floated for the project since Rick Famuyiwa walked away from the blockbuster for reasons that haven't exactly been explored in length, Clerks man Kevin Smith has put his hat into the ring.

One half of Jay and Silent Bob, 46-year old Smith is a well known geek when it comes to talking about the superhero world for both DC and Marvel. And while he didn't put his case forth in the most selfish or convincing of fashions, he has said on the record that he would be interested if an offer would come.

Actor and Filmmaker Happy To Be Plan B, C or D for Studio

Kevin Smith Flash

With a CV that gives him a terrific background in the Flash realm by directing the CW episode "Killer Frost" as well as "Supergirl Lives" from Supergirl, Smith is well placed to provide commentary on the contenders. Let alone suggestions for the empty slot and an answer as to his availability.

"If somebody was like 'Do you want to do The Flash movie?' then this would honestly be my first response. I'd say absolutely, but you should try Tim Miller first," explained the director during a Facebook Q&A session. "Or I'd say the Wachowskis. I'd list a bunch of other people who I would think would make a brilliant Flash movie."

DC TV Actor Keen On Jumping To Marvel

Robbie Amell Flash

Playing Firestorm on CW's The Flash, Robbie Amell has raised some eyebrows by putting himself forward for a role in the Marvel cinematic universe. Perhaps with tongue a bit in cheek, the actor explained that he would have no hesitation switching the superhero divide if given the chance.

"No, I have no loyalties," said Amell. "They've killed me a couple of times, and I'll always gladly go back. But, at the same time, I'm a huge fan of Marvel movies. I like what they're doing. It has less to do with it being Marvel or DC and more just being a character that I'm interested in and speaks to me."

Source: Cinema Blend, Cinema Blend