Kevin Smith Offers Theory Why Ben Affleck Quit Directing The Batman

Kevin Smith is not one to hold his opinions back and play the nice game. The 46-year old actor, director, writer and comic book creator is a passionate advocate of all things superhero. And, when it came to the departure of Ben Affleck from directing The Batman, the Clerks filmmaker was going to voice his thoughts on the matter.

Smith and Affleck enjoy a longstanding relationship, spanning back to their time on the 1997 title Chasing Amy before reuniting for Dogma and Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back. Arguing that the DC crowd have an ability to overwhelm even the best in the industry, he believes that the feature will be better off with Affleck concentrating on the work he has to master in front of the camera.

Stress and Accountability The Factors For Kevin

Ben Affleck The Batman

Coming in the wake of his major disappointment Live by Night, Smith says that the public pressure to act and direct is too much of a burden.

"Maybe he's the kind of guy who's just like why bother," started Smith. "Why am I going to step up to the plate, no matter what I do people are going to bitch. If it ain't f***ing The Dark Knight, I'm f***ed. But if I'm just acting in it, my name's Paul and this is between ya'll, I'm just the Bat, that's it. The guy or girl tells me what to do and go. And so you got a beef with the movie? Talk to these motherf***ers. That's easier. That's an easier life. You don't have to sit there and take the slings and arrows."

Although some have grown tired of endless reboots and creations of the same character, Smith thinks that they haven't gone far enough!

"This character can sustain multiple ... interpretations, get on that schedule, and throw him around to everybody! ... Just make a bunch! Make that (kung fu) one, make a ridiculously expensive one, make one in space... make Justice League Dark. Every year, there needs to be a Batman movie."

Smith Careful Not To Break Other People's Toys On CW's Supergirl

Kevin Smith Supergirl

Taking the reigns of an episode on Season 2 of CW's Supergirl, Smith has some sort of appreciation for Affleck's agony, but on a much smaller scale in the DC world.

"I'm not a total idiot," starts Smith. "When I'm playing with someone else's toys, I'm a lot more responsible. When I'm playing with my own toys, it's smash smash time."

Being an avid comic book fan himself, was he going to come into the series and start dictating terms right away, or would be just continue what was happening?

"You can't inform the look of the show," he says. "You can't tell these actors what to do because they live and breathe these characters. I'm not going to walk up to Melissa (Benoist), 'Let me tell you how you're feeling in this scene.' What do I bring? I bring boundless f***ing enthusiasm. I'm not going to come in and show you f***ing how to shoot Supergirl. I'd only f*** it up. This is as near as I ever need to get to a superhero anything."

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