Kevin Hart Playing A Disney Santa Claus? Talks Are Underway

According to THR, funny man Kevin Hart is considering the leading role of Saint Nicholas. Who? You know, Santa Claus, for an upcoming family Christmas comedy titled Dashing Through the Snow. The fact that he clearly doesn't fit the stereotypical aesthetic of the old, white, fat character will be part of the appeal for the Disney production as the casting stage steps up a gear.

If Hart agrees to the project he will be surrounded by some familiar faces, namely Will Packer who worked as a producer for Ride Along, a comedy he starred in next to Ice Cube which has gone on to spawn a sequel.

John Jacobs from Ted fame will also be working on the movie behind the scenes with Rob Burnett writing the script from Scott Rosenberg's original concept.

Synopsis Has Parallels To Ferrell Comedy Elf

Will Ferrell Elf

The narrative for Dashing Through the Snow revolves around a workaholic New York City detective who has a strained relationship with his son. The only way this father-son relationship can be fixed is the one true Santa Claus who has to make him believe in Christmas magic and the spirit of the holidays.

If that synopsis sounds familiar, it might be because that was a similar theme to the 2003 Will Ferrell hit Elf. Winning over audiences and critics alike, that family friendly romp portrayed a larger than life William "Buddy" Hobbs who had to win over the affections of his estranged father Walter Hobbs (played by James Caan).

Hart The Flavor Of The Month For Comedies

Kevin Hart

It appears as though studios have settled on Kevin Hart as the default cast member for any comedy that is in the works. The 37-year old would be on speed dial for Dwayne Johnson after joining him in the upcoming 2017 Jumanji reboot and Central Intelligence and Ice Cube in the two Ride Along installments.

All of those films have made big profits at the box office but haven't exactly convinced critics that he has the acting chops to be more than just the sidekick who chips in with the jokes. If he is to play Santa Claus, it will be a whole different challenge. Knowing Hart and his big screen presence (despite standing at a modest 5ft 4 inches): good, bad or otherwise - it won't be boring.