Keira Knightley Eats Some Sugar Plum Fairy in Live-Action Nutcracker

We have over half a year to go for the live-action remake of Disney's Beauty and the Beast and Hollywood is already going live-action crazy. Well, maybe it's just Disney.

We have a live-action remake for Beauty and the Beast and its first teaser trailer looks er, faithful. Disney is also seeking out cast for a live-action remake of The Littler Mermaid. And now we're told that Disney has just cast Keira Knightley to star in, you guessed it, a live-action remake of The Nutcracker. So it is Disney!

The actress, who we last saw in Everest, has been cast to play the starring role of Sugar Plum Fairy. While we don't know much about the character, we do know of the music. "Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy" is one of the most recognized pieces from Tchaikovsky's classical ballet. Besides a memorable tune, the act was the first to use the instrument known as the celesta. Sounding like water droplets, audiences can expect the instrument to take part in performing the film's score.

The Nutcracker Cast Expands with Knightley

Keira Knightley is the fourth big name to be added to The Nutcracker. Mackenzie Foy, Misty Copeland and Morgan Freeman were announced earlier this summer. Looks like Disney is hoping for an ensemble for this remake. And it makes sense that the studio would reach out to Knightley, considering their long history on the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise. That film series made over $1 billion for the studio and was also a live-action adaptation. Maybe Disney is onto something...

If you just can't wait to see Knightley in theaters, the actress can next be seen opposite Will Smith and Kate Winslet in Collateral Beauty.