Keanu Reeves Reveals The Marvel Superhero He Wanted To Play

Keanu Reeves has forgotten more roles than many actors would receive across a career. Yet there is one part that he wishes he could have secured. Doing the media rounds with his former Matrix co-star Laurence Fishburne to promote the action sequel John Wick: Chapter 2, the 52-year old remarked that Logan would have been his ideal choice if he delved into the superhero world.

"I never had superhero opportunities but I had actor envy," admitted Reeves to the Los Angeles Times. "When the amazing Hugh Jackman got to play Wolverine, I was like, 'Uck, I would have loved to do that. But dang, he’s really good!' (laughs).”

JW2 Careful Not To Tread On Old Territory

The premise to John Wick was as grim as any screenwriter could make up. Seeing a widowed man left with a little dog, only to see his pooch senselessly killed amid the violence. Reeves explained that they had to come up with something a bit different for the follow up installment.

"Yeah, that was at the top of the list of what you couldn’t do," said the actor. "There are some films where it’s like, they’ve got your wife, they killed your family, they took your daughter. We did the dog, so we couldn’t do that again."

Wolverine Keanu Reeves

Trying to shift away from the assassin identity and feel comfortable in his own skin again, Reeves outlined how this was as much a battle for John to be John as it was just for pure survival.

"In this film, John Wick is fighting for his self-agency, but the more he tries to become free, the more he gets ensnared. One of the things (director) Chad (Stahelski) talked about is that there’s John Wick and then there’s just John, the person who is grieving and trying to heal and get out of the life. John Wick has to start fighting for John, and the more he fights for John, the further he gets away from actually being able to be John."

Keanu Reeves as John Wick

Wick No Bond - He Bleeds

As rumors swirl around the potential for Stahelski to switch from Wick to the James Bond franchise, Reeves argued that the relentless action scenes to see his action star beaten and bloodied is an endearing aspect of the character. Making a contrast between the two, the actor stated that makes him appealing despite the hardships he endures.

"Yeah, sure, you feel it in the knees a little bit. I’m not quite leaping and bounding down the stairs. Now I get thrown down stairs!," said Reeves to the Los Angeles Times. "Chad takes great pleasure in really messing John Wick up: hit him with a car, throw him through windows, have him get shot. But I think that’s one of the reasons you root for the guy. Yeah, he’s got this huge myth and he’s ultra-dangerous, but he’s vulnerable. It’s not quite James Bond. "

Source: LA Times