Justice League Early Reviews: Heroes are Super, Story is Lacking

Depending on who you decide to listen to, Justice League will either be the standout hit of 2017 or a bloated mess that takes the DCEU back to the bad old days of 2015. Now that many of the critics have scored an early screening of the ensemble picture, the truth lies somewhere in the middle.

With Joss Whedon taking the mantle from filmmaker Zack Snyder for a number of months during production, the movie had to undergo a series of reshoots and alterations. There are redeemable features for the franchise to build on, just don't expect to see this one compared to Wonder Woman anytime soon.

DC Still Struggling With "Less is More" Lesson

Justice Leage Steppenwolf

Screen Rant writer Rob Keyes:

"The good: #JusticeLeague is my favorite DCEU movie," he writes. "It will make you love its heroes and want to see them team-up again. The bad: #JusticeLeague rushes through a lot and its main story/lore and villain are rather stripped down and forgettable. The future: #JusticeLeague feels like a new start to the age of heroes and succeeds as a launch platform in that, even though some of its newer characters very much would have benefited from origin stories beforehand."

Fandango Managing Editor Erik Davis:

"#JusticeLeague is better than BvS and #SuicideSquad - it's lean, mean & packed w/ superhero action. I dug most of its lighter moments & I think it has one of the best action sequences ever in a DCEU movie. And of course Wonder Woman steals the show. I think if you are going to a #JusticeLeague movie to see all your favorite DC heroes rocking their skills & being the badasses you love, then you will get plenty of that. Lots of action. Lots of superheroes being superheroes."

More Than One Show Stealer, But Narrative Is a Show Killer

Justice League DCEU

Nate Brail of Heroic Hollywood:

"Justice League is the DC team up you've been waiting for. I had so much fun from beginning to end. The expansion of DC mythology will make fans go nuts. Superman though! Justice League does have its flaws, but the fun negated most of that for me. The cast was amazing. Favorite characters were Flash and Aquaman. The final post credits scene will make you scream!"

Critic Jenna Busch:

"I saw #JusticeLeague! Here’s what I thought. There are ton of things I’d change but it comes down to this: I had a blast! I got to see the team together and I had fun watching it. Ezra Miller steals the movie and #WonderWoman was perfect!"

JoBlo Editor Paul Shirey:

"#JusticeLeague is a fun, bumpy ride that succeeds in character, but fails in narrative. It’s a mixed bag of execution that’s saved by the actors, who rise above the shortcomings to deliver an engaging, funny and hopeful, yet flawed, entry to the DCEU."

Germain Lussier at io9:

"Justice League! It's okay. Narratively it's a mess, the stakes don't work & the villain isn't great. However, the heroes are great, it's funny, & there's some surprisingly effective character work. I didn't love it, but there are enough good pieces to excite me for the future."

Justice League opens to the public on November 17.

Source: MovieWeb