Jurassic World Sequel is Large and Debatable

Franchise budgets have been the source of a lot of drama of recent. Daniel Craig made waves when it was suggested that Sony was offering him $150 million to remain James Bond. That was $150 million for two more bond installments, which is a ton of skrilla. That report turned out not being true, or at least not being confirmed. And now we're being told that the untitled Jurassic World sequel will be getting a massive budget. It (partially) makes sense based on the box office success of Jurassic World (and Pratt), but wow was the suggested number huge. So large in fact that we can only assume that Universal Pictures plans on cloning real dinosaurs. Awesome, right?

Jurassic World Sequel Budget Suggested to be $260 Million

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Does Universal Pictures really want to compete for the biggest-budget record? Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides easily holds the title of largest budget. With $378.5 million spent, Disney had to open some coffers to accelerate the franchise out of a trilogy with the fourth installment. Warner Bros comes in at second with The Hobbit trilogy, averaging $208 million per installment. So that means that, if rumor was true, the Jurassic World sequel would overtake the second spot with a $260 million budget. El Pais Seminal supposedly talked with J.A. Bayona, who is stepping in for Colin Trevorrow, and the director stated that the sequel was greenlit with that $250m-plus budget.

This is a big step up from the first installment, that saw a $1.67 billion return off a $150m budget. With ticket sales this high, the sequel's budget at least feels somewhat possible. But, then again...

Jurassic World Sequel Has No Budget

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The good people at /Film reached out to one of their sources in an attempt to confirm this outlandish number. What they discovered was that J.A. Bayona never said $260 million, nor did he mention any budget at all. Development is not even far enough along to even consider a budget, but it is also suggested that Universal will not greenlight anything close to $260 million.

So there you have it, we have no idea what the budget on the sequel will be. But, when we think $1.67 billion, let's not be surprised if, for whatever reason, the budget does end up in the mid $200 million. For the time being, we will continue to root for real dinosaurs. With the possibility of making over $1 billion dollars, is that too much to ask?