Josh Brolin Has Never Had More Fun Than Avengers: Infinity War

As far as Josh Brolin is concerned - it feels good to be bad. The 49-year old Santa Monica native has been involved in the MCU for sometime now, but it has taken a number of years for the villain Thanos to come to the party in full form.

Ahead of the May 4, 2018 premiere that could very well shatter cinematic records, Avengers: Infinity War continues to make headlines months out from the grandest of openings. For Brolin, the hype will only match the enjoyment he has experienced on set.

Marvel In Mind-Blowing Form To Create Thunderous Thanos

Avengers: Infinity War

Speaking with Entertainment Weekly, the actor reflected on the production of the third ensemble blockbuster. As cameras begin to roll on the fourth installment that will see Brolin reprise his role as the great antagonist, he admitted that he had a ball transitioning into the giant purple monster.

"I love doing Avengers, it's maybe the most fun I've ever had," he remarked. "I just saw a little snippet of it, and it was amazing. The cutting-edge technology of what they're doing, what I've seen is absolutely mind-blowing. When I saw it on screen, it was me, but also not like me. It's really strange."

The movie will bring in the Guardians of the Galaxy arm of the MCU, including Dave Bautista (Drax the Destroyer). As the former MMA fighter discussed his latest thriller Bushwick, he had to comment on the physical alteration Brolin made to embody Thanos.

"I am known for being in shape and being a big guy, and he actually made me self-conscious!" he told THR. "I swear to God, I promised him that in November, when I do some work on (Avengers4, I told him, 'I will be in better shape for that because you make me self-conscious, f***er!'" the performer laughed. "I was out in California in June doing another project, and he walked up to me at Gold's Gym and goes, 'Dave,' and I am looking at him. And he said, 'It's Josh,' and I was like, 'Holy f***!' He literally transformed himself in a matter of months. He is a stud. He is not only jacked, but he is shredded. His face is all sunken in like a model. He is like a completely different person."

AIW Poster Frenzy Ramps Up Another Gear

Artist P.L. Boucher has given Avengers: Infinity War his own poster treatment this week, showcasing many of the superheroes under one banner. He would outline his inspiration for the piece of art, with many more sure to come.

"With the upcoming release of Marvel's epic superhero extravaganza INFINITY WAR, I wanted to try my hand at designing a poster featuring every key player of The Avengers. I chose an unusually tall size to accommodate every character and to enhance the grandiose atmosphere of this intergalactic war. The 'giant blue laser in the sky' is old hat at this point, but it made for a good enough background 😉 Almost 400 layers and adjustments, resulting in a 1.12 GB file, by far my biggest project yet."

Source: Entertainment Weekly,, THR