Jonah Hill and Leonardo DiCaprio Team Up Again For Richard Jewell Biopic

THR explains that Leonardo DiCaprio is linking up with his good friend Jonah Hill for an upcoming biographical drama The Ballad of Richard Jewell. Led by 20th Century Fox, the project will be directed by Ezra Edelman. The same helmer who is fresh from the success of the documentary series O.J.: Made in America.

Wolf of Wall Street Hill and DiCaprio

DiCaprio though is not expected to have an onscreen presence, leaving Hill to take on the lead role of Richard Jewell. The Before the Flood creator and Academy Award winning actor is instead being utilized as a producer. DiCaprio’s partner Jennifer Davisson Killoran will also help as a producer alongside Kevin Misher.

Jewell Story An Insight Into Media's Role Of Public Perception

Richard Jewell Atlanta Olympic hero

In 1996 there were few more controversial figures than Richard Jewell, a security guard who worked at the '96 Summer Games. He identified a backpack containing pipe bombs and while he was able to clear the area, it did explode, killing one person and injuring more in the vicinity.

The bomber would later be revealed to be Eric Rudolph. But Jewell went from being an immediate hero to a suspect in the bombing. All resulting in a trial-by-media while the FBI interrogated him. He would eventually be cleared years later before his death at the age of 44 in 2007. But only after becoming a punching bag for late night comedians as a failed, overweight police officer.

First Film Together For Leo And Jonah Since Viral "Prank" Video

As far as pranks go, this was not one of the better ones. Back in August, The Revenant star was walking along the streets of New York. We can only assume he was going to meet up with his beloved co-star and BFF. Only to catch him off guard by running up to him with his camera phone, pretending to be a crazed fan.

It did stun the Superbad actor, taking him by surprise. But the manner in which the video was shot by the paparazzi did raise questions. The fact they will be partnering up for the Jewell picture, a film that will delve into the ethics of broadcasting and journalism, is a tad apt given how this alleged "prank" was captured.