Jon Favreau Reprising Iron Man Role In Spider-Man: Homecoming

To give the Marvel universe some grounding and consistency, Jon Favreau will step out of his behind-the-scenes role as director to return in his cameo role as Iron Man's driver and personal assistant for Spider-Man: Homecoming. Variety reports that production for the 2017 installment wanted as many familiar faces as possible. Though his portrayal and screen time in the Iron Man series is hardly the stuff of Academy Award material, it will be a change of pace for the Hollywood regular.

Robert Downey Jr. will join Favreau on set as Tony Stark, as further details begin to emerge about how the stand alone Spider-Man reboot will come across to audiences. Tom Holland gave fans a taste for a brief moment in Captain America: Civil War regarding his take on the character. Homecoming is wrapping up shooting in Atlanta right now.

Favreau In Favor After Recent Success


It appears Favreau has the magic touch. Whether he be in front or behind the camera and everyone wants a piece. His direction of The Jungle Book reboot this year received widespread acclaim to surpass $960m at the box office. Unlike other 2016 box office hits, the adaptation also won over critics for the film's use of digital animation and musical score with a host of A-list voice over actors like Bill Murray, Ben Kingsley and Idris Elba.

Few people are able to mix and combine acting, producing and directing like Favreau. When he takes the reigns of a picture, huge profits are returned. Only the 2005 film Zathura just falling short of breaking even. From Iron Man, Iron Man 2, Cowboys & Aliens and Chef - each movie won over the public with massive dividends for the respective production companies.

Fans Split On Zendaya Playing Mary Jane Watson


The love interest/girlfriend/wife of Spider-Man is a coveted role in the Marvel world. It seems the news of actress Zendaya taking on the position left by Kirsten Dunst has split opinion. The 20-year old Disney star will be the first African American to take on the typically red-headed white role as the reboot looks to shake up a few conventions along the way.

Upon hearing the news about Zendaya's new job, creator Stan Lee told the Toronto Sun that he is looking forward to her interpretation."“If she is as good an actress as I hear she is, I think it’ll be absolutely wonderful," said Lee.