Joe Manganiello Confirmed as Deathstroke for Affleck’s Batman

Fans of Joe Manganiello rejoice. Though it has been rumored for some time that the actor may be Ben Affleck's Deathstroke, news out of WSJ today confirms it. It was only recently confirmed that the villain would be one of many to join the DCEU universe, but we're still not sure where he fits in. After Ben Affleck went to twitter to reveal some test footage, the assumption is that the character will likely see a cameo in Justice League and a leading role in the solo untitled Batman film.

What we do know is that the test footage revealed on Twitter was definitely Manganiello in costume.

Joe Manganiello Joins DC Universe

Audiences know Joe Manganiello either from his role in HBO's True Blood or the Magic Mike franchise. In both properties the actor had plenty of opportunity to show off his er, "build". After seeing the added mass Ben Affleck was able to gain for Batman v Superman, it makes sense to find a [human] villain that is just as formidable. While Geoff Johns confirmed the character's existence, that was all the news he had. As the president and chief creative officer for DC Entertainment, Johns failed to confirm much else. Such as the character's importance or some idea of when we can expect Affleck's solo Batman installment. The current prediction is summer of 2018.

Joe Mangeniello in Bed

Joe Mangeniello Courtesy of Nine Munoz and People Magazine

Who is Deathstroke

For those not caught up on their DC Comics, Deathstroke is treated in high regard. Considered one of the best villains in the DCEU, he is the alter ego to Slade Joseph Wilson. What makes the villain great is an origin story that parallels Bruce Wayne. But, instead of losing his parents, Wilson saw his son take a debilitating injury during a failed rescue. Besides pushing the character to go rogue, things only became worse when Wilson's enraged wife attempts to kill him in response. Losing only an eye, Wilson, now Deathstroke, commits to being a mercenary.

In regards to Batman, Deathstroke could provide a small link back to Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight Rises. It turns out that Deathstroke eventually teams with Talia al Ghul, portrayed by Marion Cotillard. With her help, he uses his meta abilities to control Robin and f*ck with Batman. These two eventually come to blows.

Ben Affleck doesn't need to follow that storyline to the tee. Deathstroke's expanded involvement in the DC universe makes for a ton of possible plot lines. It's also rumored that the character is only one of possibly many villains, so it should be interesting to see what else Batman is up against.

Right now we're just hoping for a fight scene comparable to the one in the warehouse in BvS.