Jared Leto To Make Directorial Debut With Thriller 77

Paramount Pictures are venturing where no studio has gone before for their police thriller 77. Hiring the services of Jared Leto to make his directorial debut for the feature, the 45-year old will make his first attempt at creating a motion picture.

He won't be going in completely unprepared for the task at hand though. The actor did helm the documentary Artifact, before doing likewise for a number of music videos. Tony Ganz and Dick Wolf will work with Leto as producers, while Emma Ludbrook will do likewise in an executive capacity.

L.A. Confidential author James Ellroy will be joined by television writer David Matthews to create the screenplay.

Real Life Drama Went All The Way To Oval Office

Patty Hearst

The kidnapping of heiress Patty Hearst in 1974 drew the attention of the press and the White House at large. Falling into the hands of the Symbionese Liberation Army where she was coerced to commit a number of crimes including bank robbery. Sentenced for her crimes by Jimmy Carter as a 19-year old, Hearst would eventually be pardoned by Bill Clinton years later.

Little is known about  outside of the basic plot. Where we will see these events as an outline to follow two police officers in Los Angeles who examine the case, only to be embroiled in a murder investigation of a fellow colleague. The men will discover a dark conspiracy between the two events.

Is Jared The New Brad In Jolie's Life?

If the tabloid papers are to be believed, then Jared Leto might very well be Angelina Jolie's new flame, as the pair have been rumored to be dating. Having made the divorce with Brad Pitt official as the former couple debate the merits of custody over their children, the two stars might become the new Hollywood power couple.

Regardless of the merits of this news, Leto has been switching his attention from one project to the next in 2017. As he shifts gears from films to music, fashion and potentially a new partner. The performer fronted a new advertising campaign this week for the Italian eyewear brand Carrera, a collaboration he believes lines up with his personal tastes to promote a strong, timeless look.

A possible venture on the horizon could be a return to DC with the Joker, with the character believed to be a key component in The Batman. Yet that production is in a state of flux with Ben Affleck pulling away from the director's chair amid talk that he could abandon the series for good at the conclusion of the feature.

Source: Variety, LA Times, HL