Jared Leto To Give A Crazy Cool Performance In Blade Runner 2049

CinemaCon this week was awash with big names players taking the stage, but none more so than Ryan Gosling. The La La Land star fronted up with Sony Pictures Chairman Tom Rothman ahead of the long awaited sequel Blade Runner 2049 and the pair could barely contain their enthusiasm, excitement and confidence in the Denis Villeneuve project.

Originating in 1982 courtesy of iconic filmmaker Ridley Scott, Harrison Ford returns to the role he took on 35 years previous in the part of Rick Deckard. For all the bells and whistles of the dystopian and post apocalyptic Los Angeles and Las Vegas setting, it is the performance of Jared Leto teased in the extended footage showcased at the event that had people talking.

Leto Amping Up The Creep Stakes In Futuristic Thriller

Casting Jared Leto for Blade Runner 2049

Fresh from his divisive role in DC's Suicide Squad, Jared Leto will be banking on a killer portrayal as his Joker left a bitter taste in the David Ayer ensemble. Playing a replicant manufacturer who is believed to have something of a "dad complex," one cut of the 45-year old sees him gently caressing a naked android. If that wasn't creepy enough, this figure has been doused with an amniotic fluid.

Sony Chairman Rothman was glowing after the footage was shown to a gathered audience late at night. Arguing that the sci-fi installment is "cool as s***." Gosling was equally enthralled with what Villeneuve, Sony and the whole team have produced. Going on to say that the CGI has only be used sparingly to give a sense of genuine gritty reality to proceedings.

"Every location was real. Every set was there," he started. "It was a fully functioning, living breathing world. It made it so easy for us in the end to focus on the internal world of these characters because the external world was so fully realized and rich with detail... Prepare to start going steady with the edge of your seat," he quipped.

Sony Takes Public Swipe At Netflix

Sony Pictures Logo

Whether the night had progressed a little longer and a few more ales were enjoyed in the process, Rothman went on the offensive against streaming giant Netflix. Sony is on the verge of some major releases including the international rights for Blade Runner 2049 to feature the likes of The Dark Tower, Spider-Man: Homecoming and a reboot of Jumaji starring Dwayne Johnson.

Taking the microphone, the Chairman proclaimed, "Netflix my ass!" before deriding their quality when it comes to big picture productions. Watch this space to see if they have a rebuttal in store.

Source: MovieWeb, LA Times