Jared Leto Added To Blade Runner Sequel Cast

Fresh from his portrayal as the Joker in this year's latest superhero blockbuster Suicide Squad, Jared Leto has joined the ensemble cast for the highly anticipated Blade Runner sequel. The film, which is due to hit screens on October 17 2017, has already accrued an outstanding list of seasoned actors taking part in the project.

Alongside a returning Harrison Ford, Variety reports that Leto will join the likes of Ryan Gosling, Robin Wright, Lennie James, Mackenzie Davis, David Dastmalchian, Hiam Abbass, Barkhad Abdi and original director Ridley Scott who returns in an executive producer capacity.

Plenty of Hype Surrounding Cult Classic Sequel

Blade Runner Landscape

Fans of the 1982 picture will be waiting with baited breath to see what comes of the modern incarnation of the cult classic. Seen by many critics as a breakthrough in both the science fiction and noir action genres, Leto will be one of many charged with meeting high expectations following the success of the first installment some 35 years later.

Blade Runner broke the mold for films of its type in the early 1980s. Establishing a dystopian 2019 Los Angeles where cybernetic organisms roam the streets and are hunted down to be destroyed. The dark undertones and thematic themes inspired much of what is shown today in modern cinema, all while propelling Harrison Ford into stardom along the way.

Leto Looking To Bounce Back From Mixed Joker Reviews

Jared Leto Joker Suicide Squad

The news of Leto's recent casting will be welcomed by the actor and recording artist following the mixed critical response to his take on the Joker. As rumors circulate about the Thirty Seconds From Mars frontman not wanting to return to the character in no due part because of the cool reaction, his manic and unhinged performance should be attributed to the muddled screenplay and curious direction from David Ayer.

Putting his name to such an iconic villain was always going to be a gamble, especially coming so soon from the late Heath Ledger's interpretation on the DC legend in The Dark Knight. That role won the Australian a posthumous Academy Award. Leto has shown himself to be a fine actor in his own right and, given the right role within the Blade Runner universe, he will prove the doubters wrong.