James Gunn: We Take Doctor Strange Visuals To New Levels In GotG Vol. 2

James Gunn has a lot on his plate in the MCU, helping to key in the major parts of the puzzle with the studio as he helms the upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. Seeing the original fare far better than anyone internally or externally anticipated, the filmmaker argued that the lack of backstory enabled him to forge ahead with a narrative that flowed better. An environment he is happy to say has been replicated with even more leeway.

“On the second movie I had a lot more freedom,” Gunn said. “Because the first movie did well and it was great not having to explain the five major characters to the audience in the first half hour, we just go straight into the story.” He believes there is a threat of treading over old territory and in order to make it fresh, it had to be uninhibited by franchise tropes. “This has to be its own thing and you can’t start making this a s****** Xerox of the first one.”

Beautiful Effects That Will Surpass Strange

Doctor Strange and Guardians of the Galaxy

Keeping in sync with the plot to start from the very opening point of the movie, Gunn outlined that the beginning of the title will be as memorable one as the superheroes are introduced via song.

“We have a lot of very long effects shots, too. Our opening credits are all to a musical piece, and those opening credits are all one long, huge shot with a lot of practical elements and a lot of special effect elements, and that’s something we finished on the first day of shooting and it still is not totally done yet.”

Given all the wealth of Marvel to splurge on their CGI budget and the accolades the series has received for their aesthetics, Gunn makes the bold claim that GotG Vol. 2 will even put 2016's masterpiece Doctor Strange to shame.

“I also think there’s a beautiful aspect of this film where the visuals are such an important part of this movie, more so than most Marvel films. There’s a lot of stuff like that in Doctor Strange, but we really take it to a different level.”

Gunn Gets Down With Groot

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2

Rather than simulate how a living and breathing miniature tree would dance in 2014's blockbuster, the director put the moves to the test courtesy of his smart phone. Fortunately for him his dance stylings were so good, he asked himself back for a retake but this time with a bit more assistance.

“Yes, I still do all of Groot’s dancing in the film, in a much bigger way," he revealed. "I actually had to do like a full day’s worth of dancing to get Groot’s dance down this time. Last time it was me in front of an iPhone, and this time it’s me dancing on a huge soundstage and shooting it from five different angles.”

Source: /FILM, Variety