James Cameron Is Inspired By Zack Snyder As A Filmmaker

For a guy that has created some of the most iconic pieces of film in modern history, ranging from Terminator 2 to Titanic and Avatar, James Cameron is an open book when it comes to discussing his peers. The 62-year old has been a vocal critic of the Academy Awards. All to lambast their stance against action blockbusters whilst he creates Avatar 2 quietly in the background.

Jumping on board to produce a reboot for The Terminator as they search for an appropriate director, Cameron talked about his fellow filmmakers in an open forum. The surprise came when he pinpointed who inspires him. Rather than tip his cap to the usual heavyweights, there was one nod in particular that was unexpected.

Snyder Creating His "Own Cinematic Language"

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Learning his craft through the pioneers in the 1950s and 60s, Cameron gives special praise to Blade Runner and Alien architect Ridley Scott, arguing that he will see his work under any circumstance.

“I certainly have learned from the masters, you know David Lee and (Alfred) Hitchcock, (Stanley) Kubrick, everybody," starts Cameron. "Directors that continue to inspire me…Ridley Scott. I mean, I’ll go to any Ridley Scott movie, even the ones that bomb, to me, are great, because the fabric of the filmmaking, you know, just the way he sees, and the way he places the camera. And I'm out there going to school everyday. I think any good filmmaker that is out there (I learn from)."

As he continued, he stated on the record that Zack Snyder was someone in the next generation that he sees as something of a visionary, a bold claim given his current track record in DC after Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

"I'm also inspired by - these are established filmmakers now but I remember being inspired by them when they first broke on the scene - Zack Snyder and Robert Rodriguez, guys that were just creating their own cinematic language. I can be inspired by someone's name I don't even know if they do something unique or remarkable and no one has seen it before. A friend of mine, who was a visual effects guy just directed Deadpool, and I went to see Deadpool. And the opening credits sequence, I was like, ‘Damn, nobody ever thought of that. Do a fake credit sequence!’ How brilliant is it?' And it sets the tone for the whole movie, you're laughing with it."

Photo Opp Too Good To Avoid For Zack

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This week a special test screening in California for Wonder Woman was a good chance for Snyder to see how that DC project was tracking. Only to come across a standee for The Lego Batman Movie. Using his mobile Vero app, the 50-year old took a snap with the animated caped crusader.

“Am I going to stand like a dork in the Lego Batman standee?,” Snyder asked through the app. “F*** yeah I am.”

It is unlikely he will have the same response if quizzed about the vacant director's chair on The Batman though.

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