Inferno Smashes International Box Office Making $100m

Variety reports that Columbia Pictures has passed the 9-digit mark for their blockbuster Inferno around the globe, hitting $100m at the box office overseas. The Sony production was released across 64 international markets to test out the adaptation's demand. All before it makes a domestic launch set for this Friday. A scenario that will only be adding plenty more zeroes to the final tally for the studio.

The dynamic duo of Ron Howard in the directing chair and Tom Hanks as star is a successful combination. Utilized on a number of occassions, the combo has been box office gold for the Dan Brown trilogy. Which likely could lead to yet another installment. Following on from the 2006 feature The Da Vinci Code and then Angels & Demons, the franchise knows what it takes to win over critics and fans at large.

Brown Books Now A Billion Dollar Industry

Inferno Box Office

The first two from the series that began a decade ago have grossed more than $1.2b at the worldwide box office. Further proof on how lucrative the Dan Brown's novels have become. Inferno has Ron Howard and Brian Grazer in producing capacities while David Koepp returned from the 2009 feature to develop the script off the book.

Hanks’ character Robert Langdon is awoken from hospital to open Inferno. And, with a madman (Ben Foster) who is trying to wipe half the world’s population, he must recover his memories with the aid of his doctor (Felicity Jones). Sony won't be getting ahead of themselves with this impressive figure though, as the first of the series made $540m before Angels & Demons fell comfortably short of that with $352m in takings.

Hanks A Breadwinner For Hollywood

Inferno (2016) Box Office

As Inferno launches October 28 in the U.S., Japan, South Korea, and China, the people at Sony know they have a star in their ranks. In regards to Hanks, the veteran actor seldom fails in studio productions. Whether it is the critics or at the box office, he (typically) does well.

President of worldwide marketing and distribution for Sony Josh Greenstein could not be happier to have his man continue the work for the franchise.

“Tom Hanks has proven yet again that he is one of the world’s biggest stars," argued Greenstein, "And Robert Langdon is one of his most iconic roles.”

Whether it be dramas, thrillers, comedies or action blockbusters, it is hard to see a Tom Hanks movie underwhelming. The guy is just too damn good.