Idiocracy Gets a 10 Year Anniversary Theatrical Release Just in Time for the Election

Mike Judge’s 2006 Idiocracy may not have received the love it deserved when it was first released. But with the 10th anniversary coming up, new screening opportunities invite fans and new viewers to experience the film on the big screen once again. The 10 year anniversary comes just in time for the latest election cycle. An election that many consider Idiocracy come to life. Earlier in the year, Mike Judge came up with the brilliant idea to release faux campaign trailers for the fictional president Camacho. Fox studios decided against it, as the studio believed it was Anti-Trump and would create far too much controversy.

Terry Crews plays the bombastic and ludicrous wrestler, Dwayne Elizondo Mountain Dew Herbert Camacho, turned president of the United States 500 years into the future. While the ads would not have blatantly drawn comparisons between the character and Donald Trump, Fox still felt it may be a bad business decision.

Idiocracy Screening at Alamo Draft House

The show will go on in the way of Idiocracy screening. Screenings wills take place one night only at the Alamo Draft House in partnerships with Art House Convergence theaters. After the screening at the Santa Monica location, a Q&A will follow. Upon its initial release, Idiocracy received virtually no attention by its distributors. Seeing its release date pushed multiple times, Fox finally released the film in only 130 theaters. The company also withheld major promotion. There were no film trailers, commercials, press kit, or a screening for critics. Despite Fox’s lack of attention, the film did grow an audience once it made it to video. Since then, the film has not only become popular with Judge fans, but also many viewers who find the satirical future startlingly realistic.


With a real-life election that better resembles a screwy comedy than an actual presidential election, it only makes sense that films are being released as a way to comment on the easy target. This summer's Purge: Election Year proved to be a sinister look at what many fear could be a reality if their rival candidate is chosen this year.

Idiocracy More Relevant

Idiocracy managed to predict the future in many ways. Not only did its characters wear crocs, a footwear that became popular right after the film's release, but it also had an eccentric celebrity becoming the President of the United States. Political opinions aside, after a decade, Idiocracy is finally getting the exposure it always deserved.