Hugh Jackman Roasts Ryan Reynolds’ Hollywood Walk of Fame Induction

While X-Men Origins: Wolverine tarnished the legacy of a Marvel franchise that took some time to recover, it enabled Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds to form a bond that they still enjoy to this day. But unlike most friendships, theirs plays out often in public and carried out with the objective of pure one upsmanship.

With the Deadpool star receiving the honor of having his name placed on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, the Australian utilized the gift of Instagram to shoot a video where he placed Reynolds' plastic face over his, accompanied with the tagline: “(Reynolds) asked me to post this 100% real video by him on being honored with a star on Hollywood’s Walk of Fame today.”

“You may remember me from such things as People Magazine’s 2010 Sexiest Man Alive or the 12th best DC Comics movie Green Lantern," started Jackman. "Who would have thought just three years after getting a star on Canada’s Walk of Fame, I would be getting a star on Hollywood’s Walk of Fame?"

Hugh Turns Jibes Into Battle of the Sexies

To what degree the pair actually love the title of Sexiest Man Alive is only for them to know, most probably receiving their titles with a mixture of hilarity and pride. Jackman continued along these lines.

“How could a guy who failed his high school drama class be this talented?”Jackman rhetorically asked as he mocked Reynolds. “I have no answer for that. But to quote my favorite actor in the world, the great Australian Hugh Jackman, who, by the way, was People’s Sexiest Man Alive way before me, ‘Americans are the most generous country on the planet.' So, thank you, America, and feel free to urinate on my section of the sidewalk.”

Ryan Reveals Favorite Line Cut From Deadpool


The R-rated Marvel romp Deadpool was known for delivering crude but terrific one-liners. All that made it as much a comedy as an action blockbuster. And, although it came through well, the star himself admitted to EW that there was one left on the editing floor he wanted to stay in really bad.

"Blind Al (Leslie Uggams) says something about our duplex we live in," starts Reynolds. "I say, 'This isn’t a duplex — it’s hepatitis holding still.' That was one of my favorite lines, which is sorta slightly stolen from Funny Farm: 'This ain’t a bridge — it’s termites holding hands.' So I can’t take credit for it."

Source: The Wrap, Gizmodo