Hollywood Reacts To Crazy Election Night

As the United States and the world watch with baited breath at the outcome of the 2016 presidential election, Hollywood weighed in on social media as the Republicans sweep the House and Senate. According to THR, the tightening of the race and the realization that Donald Trump is a likely leader for the country created quite the reaction.

Taking out the key swing states in Ohio and Florida, Trump's seemingly improbable path to victory altered to probable the longer the evening drew out. This caused a firestorm on Twitter. Where actors including Sarah Silverman, Jason Alexander, Patton Oswalt, Emmy Rossum and Bradley Whitford couldn't keep their feelings at bay.

Results Roll In As Timelines Explode With Election Fever

Silverman of A Million Ways To Die In The West and School of Rock fame kept the message simple. Hoping against hope that the figures were wrong.

Bradley Whitford from All the Way, Scent of a Woman and Billy Madison posted an image of himself on a button that gave a pessimistic view of the voters.

Comedian Patton Oswalt, whose work includes the likes of Blade: Trinity, Big Fan and Ratatouille believed the sexists won out.

While 30-year old actress Emmy Rossum held onto the possibility that the polls could be turned around, taking cues from the amazing conclusion to Major League Baseball's historic finale last week.

Baldwin's Trump Spoof Did Not Resonate

Alec Baldwin Trump

It was months in the making, but the results clearly demonstrate that the anger and hunger for change from outside the political class outweighed the cartoonish character that was spoofed each week on Saturday Night Live. Alec Baldwin's portrayal of the Republican candidate made for popular news in the weeks leading into the big night. But despite all the warnings and urges to vote for a particular candidate, the American people went another way.

Joss Whedon pushed the boat out during an extended web series online that featured stars from The Avengers like Robert Downey Jr. and Scarlett Johansson. Throw in the awards night on Sunday where Robert De Niro and Leonardo DiCaprio gave a resounding endorsement to Hillary Clinton and it looks like folks have clearly switched off from their personal views.