Green Lantern Character To Be Rebooted During DC’s Justice League

Just when you thought a superhero ensemble movie cannot get any more claustrophobic, DC had to go and throw in Green Lantern. The character is said to be included alongside Batman, Superman, The Flash, Wonder Woman, Aquaman and Cyborg ahead of a 2017 release of Justice League. Slash Film reports that the blockbuster won't exactly be revisiting the Ryan Reynolds version of the character. Phew! But instead the DC Extended Universe will opt for one member of the Green Lantern Corps instead.

A 2020 release date has also been earmarked for a spinoff Green Lantern Corps production. But it will be next year's installment that will give fans a first taste of a character from that particular division. Given the amount of heroes they are packing into one movie, it could very well be victim of overkill.

Reynolds' Green Experience Helped Shape Deadpool

Deadpool Fireplace

While he did star with his partner Blake Lively, the 2011 fantasy picture Green Lantern was an unmitigated disaster by any metric it is judged upon and it undeniably helped it's star Ryan Reynolds on his journey to bigger and better things. When he spoke to a gathered Q&A audience, reported that there is one element in particular during shooting that taught him to come more prepared.

Green Lantern Wallpaper

 “You just go back to script, script, script,” Reynolds explained. “(On Green Lanternwe did not have a working script until we were halfway through shooting. That is a handicap, there’s nothing you can do about that. And that’s just the nature of this business oftentimes, it’s a poster and release date first, start shooting and we’ll figure out the rest as we go. And it’s just, it’s insane. It’s hard for everyone. Everyone that worked on that movie gave their last drop of blood.”

Bad Omen? GL Ride Stalls Down Under


From one flop to the next. The Brisbane Times reports that the Green Lantern ride at Movie World on the Gold Coast in Queensland stopped working for approximately 30 minutes. An error that was said to have been due to a "computer fault" - insert own joke here.

A spokesperson from Warner Brothers said, "The safety and wellbeing of all of our guests is our top priority," and while it is fodder for some quips about the franchise, malfunctions on rides down under have been no laughing matter. Earlier this month four people were killed after a ride flipped over at the adjacent Dream World and numbers at the theme park have dropped as a result.