FX’s TV Marvel Installment Legion Teases X-Men Crossover

With a gluttony of superhero content to choose from - DC, Marvel, big screen, small screen -- few would think that the genre could be criticized for leaving anything out. But this is the case with FX's upcoming television series Legion, set to debut in 2017.

All with that character's origins connecting perfectly to the X-Men universe.

While Professor X, Logan and co have enjoyed a long and prestigious run in cinema for 16 years since 2000, comic book aficionados remain frustrated that mutants are left to sit it out on the sidelines for another season. From Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., CW's DC world and Netflix's Marvel franchise, there is no love for a small screen adaptation if Legion is left to it's own devices.

Story Focused On Charles Xavier's Son

Only given eight episodes for a first season run in February, Legion casts 34-year old British actor Dan Stevens as David Haller, the mutant son of Charles Xavier who is diagnosed as schizophrenic. However, as the trailer to the series indicates, he is far from mentally ill. As one doctor indicates that he is potentially "the most powerful mutant" on the planet.

Producer Shuler Donner, who has worked in the MCU as well, explained that complete separation via new characters is the only way to keep that world fresh.

"This was exactly what I wanted (from an X-Men TV show). Because it is far away from the X-Men movies, yet it still lives within that universe," said Donner. "The only way for X-Men to keep continuing forward is to be original and to surprise us. This is really a surprise; it’s very different."

So don't expect Patrick Stewart to pop up anytime soon, not even for a cameo.

Deadpool Deal Gave Cause For Optimism

When Fox and Marvel came to the negotiating table for Ryan Reynolds' Deadpool, that demonstrated the two parties were willing to give some leverage to the other party. Yet all the signs point to too much paper work and haggling over rights as writer Jeph Loeb outlined.

Marvel Legion

"This one is particularly complicated. In this particular case, this audience is sophisticated enough to know the X-Men characters live in the Fox world and we live in a different world," he stated.

"Obviously the fact that I’m sitting here is an indication of the bridges that are being made, by people like Lauren that are facilitating that and making it happen. And John Landgraf, who is the head of FX, who is very involved in trying to open those lines of communication. I don’t want to make any promises that I have to explain the next time someone asks me."

All they have promised so far - no promises.

Source: Movie Pilot, Mashable Australia