Fresh Logan Poster Goes Full Old School

Once upon a time, films used to invest a lot of time and energy into the poster for a production. Rather than spend millions perfecting the trailer. This would allow the viewer to ponder about the events that would take place on the big screen. You know, instead of fill in up to an hour of footage they have not already witnessed through the shorts.

A revolutionary idea in many quarters, Marvel have decided to embrace that old school concept for Logan, as they released a brand new poster this week. Prior to the grand entrance on debut night for March 3, 2017, this Grindhouse-style image features a defiant Wolverine alongside Charles Xavier, X-23 and the sinister Reavers. Which of course are lead by Boyd Holbrook's Donald Pierce.

Charles, Laura, #LOGAN. In theatres and IMAX. March 3.

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Director A Film History Buff

Back in 2013, James Mangold mentioned ten of his favorite movies of all time. He did so to outline what he took specific inspiration from in his filmmaking. Directing the 2013 title Wolverine, he categorized ten flicks that provided him with a creative framework to push the boundaries for the Marvel character.

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They included Chungking ExpressThe Outlaw Josey WalesThe Samurai TrilogyFloating WeedsBlack NarcissusHappy Together, 13 AssassinsThe French ConnectionChinatown and Shane. The latter would go on to be an iconic installment. As the 1953 flick included one of the most ambiguous endings in cinema, could this be a clue for what we will see in March?

Taking from a mixture of Asian influence and in-your-face action sequences that were on the cutting edge for their time, Mangold clearly wants to use Hugh Jackman's character as a vehicle to explore his ideal techniques in action. Complete with a budget of $127m, the filmmaker has every opportunity to make his vision a reality.


Fearful Fox Worried Logan Will Be Too Dark

Twentieth Century Fox Film chairman Stacey Snider made the unusual step this week of admitting that the studio was worried in the direction Mangold was taking the picture. Despite it being something of a spinoff from the traditional X-Men arch. Even in the wake of the smash hit Deadpool, a title that took the R rating and ran with it, Snider explained that some Fox insiders needed convincing that the project would work.

“Inside, there was real consternation about the intensity of the tone of the film,” she remarked via a Q&A at the Recode Media conference. “It’s more of an elegy about life and death. The paradigm for it was a Western, and my colleagues were up in arms. It’s not a wise-cracking cigar-chomping mutton-sporting Wolverine, and the debate internally became, isn’t that freakin’ boring? Isn’t it exciting to imagine Wolverine as a real guy and he’s world-weary and he doesn’t want to fight anymore until a little girl needs him?”

Source: Variety, /FILM