Forest Whitaker In Discussions To Join Johnny Depp For Biggie/Tupac Movie

There are few better in Hollywood than the versatile Forest Whitaker. And now the upcoming biopic Labyrinth could have the talent in their ranks.

THR reports that the 55-year old Oscar winner is talking with Open Road, Miramax and director Brad Furman to star in the feature. A film that will examine the deaths of recording artists Tupac and Biggie.

Furman's work includes the 2011 Matthew McConaughey drama The Lincoln Lawyer as well as the critically disappointing Affleck/Timberlake flick Runner Runner. The movie already managed to secure Johnny Depp. His character will work to solve the double criminal investigations of Tupac Shakur and Notorious B.I.G's suspicious. Both of which are unresolved killings.

Still So Many Questions Left Unanswered

Labyrinth Biggie and Tupac

The 2002 Rockumentary Biggie & Tupac offered some insights into the events of the East and West Coast rivalry. A grudge that ended in tragedy for the two icons. Labyrinth should offer an insight into those tasked with finding the answers and why the matter has yet to be closed. Director Nick Broomfield was quoted in an interview in 2005 to say that influential rapping figure and former friend Snoop Dogg identified Suge Knight as the killer of Tupac. Makes sense, but there has yet to be evidence or charges put forward against the Death Row Records figure.

Whitaker will play a journalist digging deep to find answers, while Depp is set to take on the role of a disgraced LAPD detective who finds himself at a dead end looking for the culprits. Christian Contreras is working on the script with the project being produced by Miriam Segal.

Forest Part Of The Mega Hit Arrival

Arrival a Hit

The sci-fi thriller Arrival continues to excite and engage audiences around the world. Forest Whitaker's role as Colonel Weber in the movie illustrates how well he manages to pick and choose the offers coming his way. Most of which that continue to enhance his already stellar portfolio. The Amy Adams and Jeremy Renner mystery has already received rave reviews from critics and is set to smash their budget $47m by quite some distance.

Whitaker can next be seen in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. He is also fresh from a performance in Southpaw. Like we said, quite the resume!