How Does Finn Come Back for Episode VIII?

By the time Star Wars: The Force Awakens' credits rolled, we were left with at least some statement on the current status of our new favorite characters. Finn ended with what we can only call a lightsaber epidural from Kylo Renn, which likely left him paralyzed. Unless of course having an energy weapon run up your spine is good for the posture. Poe is a Resistance hero, and is left awaiting his next mission.

Rey finally makes her way to Luke Skywalker. Who we discover was enjoying a solo Burning Man event on some island that was sure to have a Whiskey brewery hidden away somewhere. Rey raises Luke's lightsaber, an acknowledgement that training is about to begin.

And, from what we've heard from the set, training has definitely begun. But not only for Daisy Ridley's Rey, as Finn himself, John Boyega, has admitted that training for the sequel has been strenuous. But wait, we thought Finn was super effed up. How can this be? Besides having a Resistance medic confirming that he will live, his pathway to getting out of the hospital bed was unknown. At least until now.

Finn Heals Up for Big Return in Star Wars Episode VIII

The good people at MakingStarWars have learned what they call "tidbits" of new information for Star Wars Episode VIII, and they mostly involve Finn. But, before we get to that, spoilers are ahead. So, if you'd like to go into the next installment with a blank slate, it's a good idea to stop reading now.

Seriously. Spoilers.

Finn Star Wars The Force Awakens

So how does Finn make a full recovery? Well, the answer lies in The Empire Strikes Back. After the Wampa -- aka Abominable Snowman -- attacked Luke, we see the character making a full recovery in a Bacta Tank. The medical device has the ability to repair all types of ailments and injury. Though it somehow didn't prevent Luke's scarring. Getting away from the superficial, this same tank will allow for Finn to make a full recovery. In fact, Finn might exit the tank (or suit) upgraded.

There is apparently a sequence where Finn is cut or removed from the [Bacta Tank] suit and is revealed to be in better condition than ever before.

Finn to Become a Big Deal in Episode VIII

Playing on the joke started by Finn but carried by Han in Force Awakens, the character is going to become a "big deal" for the Resistance. Though not confirmed, it is expected that he will somehow once again meet up with Oscar Isaac's Poe Dameron. For what reason? Well, the simple answer would be to create a buddy-rebel type story as we watch the pair tackle missions. The duo had a natural chemistry in Episode VII, causing fans to want them out adventuring together once again. Unless...

Finn and Poe in Force Awakens

It can't be wrong when it feels so right...

While many hope and assume a romantic relationship might come out of Finn and Rey, there are a couple online groups hoping for something a bit more er, modern. There are theories that propose the idea that Finn and Poe could be Star Wars' first on-screen gay couple. They do seem extra touchy and, might I add, flirty when they reunite. Poe even gives Finn his jacket. What a gentleman!

Okay, it's a bit of stretch. So let's scratch that romance off for now. What we do know is that Episode VIII will begin right where Episode VII left off. This is a first for the franchise, with the scrolling text usually explaining what all has taken place since the last installment. In this case, not much.