Fantastic Beasts Star Eddie Redmayne Not Phased By 4 More Movies

Variety reports that Eddie Redmayne is so enthused about Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them, that he is eager to stay the course over the duration of the Harry Potter spinoff. Attending the world premiere for the Warner Brothers production, the 34-year old told the press that he has spoken with creator J.K. Rowling about the character and what will be in store for him later down the track.

Sporting a plastic newt on the red carpet sitting on his tuxedoed shoulder, the Englishman was in a good mood as he talked in depth about the role. Especially what it means to the fans. Bridging the gap between the old Potter faithful and a wave of newcomers, this could be the breakout role for Redmayne.

Eddie Has His Own Origin Story

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them (2016)

Being such a coveted role, Redmayne explains that there was quite the process involved before he could sign on for the project.

"It came to me in a wonderfully top-secret way," started the Jupiter Ascending star. "I got a call, saying David Yates wanted to meet me about an unknown project. We met in a pub called Blacks, which is in Soho in London. As I went to this place, it was pouring rain, and downstairs in the basement, there was a fire and David."

Tapping into the Potter journey he was going on, he could get a gauge of what the filmmakers were after.

"The whole thing had a Diagon Alley vibe to it. He started telling me this story that J.K. Rowling was writing, and he talked about Newt and the case. I had taken a suitcase that I had. As he talked more about the case, I gently pushed my case back. I had this embarrassment that I looked like one of those actors that turned up dressed for the part."

Actor Links Up With Creator To Guide His Path

Whilst he didn't get to spend as much time with the author as he would of liked, Redmayne knew every moment with J.K. Rowling was precious time.

"I had a meeting for an hour with her," said Redmayne. "When you meet J.K. Rowling, there is such great anticipation, but it was really about talking about Newt. He’s personal for J.K. Rowling. It was helpful and gave me a sense of who he was. When she wrote the script, her characters did jump off the page."

JK Rowling

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When the actor was informed that the role would go from a 3 plus 1 deal to 5, did that bother him?

"(It) didn’t, because I’d love who she’d written. As an actor, if it’s your dream to tell stories, getting to tell stories within the imagination of one of the greatest storytellers in the world is all you can hope for, really. Long may that continue."