Fans Give Their Reaction To First Wonder Woman Screening

It must be a surreal experience to attend an invite to a live action movie, of which you have no clue as to it's real title or contents. Only to see Zack Snyder and Patty Jenkins appear before the screening. But this is what took place over the weekend as a number of moviegoers scored the opportunity to see a first ever production of Wonder Woman.

The DC installment will not be released to the public until June 2, 2017, as the rest of us are left to look over casting news, rumors and shorts ahead of the premiere. Those lucky enough to see the real thing have given their reaction to the event. And, whilst it did not win over all in sundry, the signs are promising that Warner Brothers might have learned their lesson.

Best Yet? Fingers X That The Hype Is Real

Wonder Woman (2017)

While the screening stopped short of universal acclaim to note some frustration and a belief that Chris Pyne stole Gadot's thunder in some instances, the general consensus was that Wonder Woman will be worth watching in the summer.

But it wasn't all good news...

Empire Put WW Front and Center

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As if to heighten expectations an extra level, Wonder Woman has been proudly splashed across the front page of Empire alongside the tagline, "Now the world is ready for you." Following on from a multitude of male dominated pictures, especially in the superhero realm, this picture with a female in the lead role and behind the camera (Jenkins) is a progressive step in the right direction.

Gadot was one of the redeeming features of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, but still under-utilized in many respects. The pressure on the movie should be unwarranted given it is a standalone flick, yet Warner Brothers will be sweating on it's success with the audience and critics at large.

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