Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling Honored On Hollywood Boulevard

The TCL Chinese Theatre in Hollywood was the setting for Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling this week. All to get their hands dirty and leave their imprints for La La Land - quite literally. Seeming to enjoy the unusual tradition together as they presented their grubby mitts to the media, the ceremony was a great method of bringing attention to their upcoming musical together as it hits cinemas December 16.

Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone in La La Land

Being immortalized in this fashion is often reserved after the fact, but this was a change of pace for the 36-year old Canadian and 28-year old Stone. The pair are very familiar with each other on and off screen. Linking up for Crazy, Stupid, Love as well as Gangster Squad in 2013.

Chemistry Key For Star Duo

Gosling's vulnerable romantic character in the musical plays well against Stone. Who portrays a starlet-in-waiting in the film that is garnering a lot of Oscar buzz. Rarely have a couple like this starred so often and in close harmony as Gosling and Stone have in modern times, drawing comparisons to Katharine Hepburn and Cary Grant. If too far back, how about Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan?

Walking the red carpet in LA this week, it is evident for those who were there that the duo are in sync when it comes to their compatibility and enjoyment of their craft. Gosling has been nominated for an actor's accolade for the Academy while Stone was as well for a supporting role in 2015's Birdman.

Gosling Shared Some Parental Wisdom To Co-Star

La La Land John Legend

Bringing in recording artist John Legend to the team to beef up the musical talents of production, the singer/songwriter discovered that his wife Chrissy Teigen was expecting their first child together. With Gosling being a father of two, Legend outlined how the actor gave his some important advice of being a dad.

"Amada (Gosling's daughter) and Luna (Legend's daughter) were both born in April. We talked about it (fatherhood)," started Legend. "We had just announced that we were pregnant right around when we were filming the movie, so... he definitely kind of shared how joyous it is to be a new father and gave me something to look forward to."

Source: Variety, ET