Emily Blunt Channels Beyonce’s Lemonade To Diss Trump

What would SNL do without Donald J. Trump's 2016 presidential campaign? The parodies keep coming from the weekend NBC skit show. According to THR, this time it was English actress Emily Blunt getting in on the fun to mimic the work of Beyonce from her new album Lemonade. The actress went with the infamous track Sorry.

Featuring the other SNL members, including a cameo from Alec Baldwin reprising his Donald Trump role, the spoof music video was intended as a message to the Republican nominee from the women in his life. Emily Blunt took on daughter Ivanka Trump while Cecily Strong played his current wife Melania.

Skit Shows The Lighter Side To Blunt's Personality

Emily Blunt SNL Trump

For a serious actress who takes her career incredibly seriously, this tongue-in-cheek performance was an insight into Emily Blunt's sense of humor and personality. Beginning her monologue with a quip about her overt Britishness, the Sicario star knew how to play to the gathered New York crowd. All an an attempt to promote The Girl on the Train.

"I am Emily Blunt," she began. "And as you can tell from my accent, I am smarter than you."

Before playing up to the stereotype further during a skit titled The Great British Bakeoff, she joined the other female SNL cast members to rip into the real estate mogul. Finding fuel with the leak of comments he made in 2005 about his treatment of women.

"I've stood by your side this whole campaign," says Strong as she spoofs Melania. "You're beautiful, dutiful Melania, I can't take it anymore!"

Kate McKinnon Goes From Hillary To Trump "Mouthpiece" Kellyanne Conway

Emily Blunt Cecil Strong SNL Trump

Getting plenty of mileage as Hillary Clinton this election cycle, Ghostbusters star Kate McKinnon switched teams to portray Donald Trump's blonde political advisor Kellyanne Conway. A participant who has become strangely absent of late from her media appearances post the scandal.

"Daddy once tweeted sorry," sung Blunt as she channeled Ivanka. "I don't even think he means it, I'm supposed to be the brains here - what the hell have I been thinking? Now he's bringing Paula Jones in, there goes my friendship with Chelsea Clinton - call me Chelsea!"

The lyrics might not have been penned by Beyonce, but like Melania the SNL crew will take full credit for it!