Dwayne Johnson Is Black Adam: DC Confirms Shazam! Spinoff

Fair play to Dwayne Johnson. The guy does not do anything in half measures. As, just hours after sitting down for a meeting with DC, the studio have given the green light for him to play Black Adam in the DC Extended Universe. It was believed he would take part in a reboot of Shazam! to play the character, but instead the movies will be split into two. All to allow Johnson the chance to explore his backstory even further.

Considered a villain/antihero in the comic books, this is an unusual step for a franchise. At least, in regards to giving a bad guy his own feature. The Rock was reportedly given the choice between Shazam! or Black Adam. And, rather than stick to his usual good guy persona, the 44-year old wanted to take a walk on the dark side for a change.

DC Careful Not To Tread On Marvel Toes

Captain Marvel

2017 is slated for two big DC flicks courtesy of Wonder Woman and Justice League. But, after this point there are some gaps in the schedule that could fast-track the duo of projects. The problems with The Flash are well known. With the original director walking out and with Aquaman the only movie listed for 2018 to date, the clock could be ticking to see Johnson join the DC fold as of next year.

One area DC have to tread carefully or more to the point, avoid altogether, is not using the original name of Shazam! i.e. Captain Marvel. The rival studio already has Brie Larson earmarked for that particular title in 2019 on the other side of the fence, lending weight to the idea that he will transform from Billy Batson to Shazam! without a whisper of what other name he goes by.

Rock Turns Blue For People's Choice

Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart have been getting very familiar with each other of late. Pairing up for Central Intelligence before doing likewise for the sequel to Jumanji. Appearing on stage at the People's Choice Awards, both stars traded barbs to each other in a very public setting.

"(I want to thank) all the co-stars I've had in my life," started Hart, "growing in this business. I appreciate you all man. I'm able to do what I do because of the help that I've had on camera, so this one goes to all the co-stars I've had except the Rock, cause he hasn't helped me. He hasn't helped me at all. He's lessened my talent."

Johnson would end up flipping the bird and dropping an F-bomb on stage directed to his "beloved" co-star.

Source: Collider