Doug Liman: Why I Walked From Marvel’s Gambit Movie

Is it any wonder why Gambit has struggled to get off the ground? With a star in Channing Tatum that continues to be linked with the ailing project and issues behind the scenes with screenwriters, producers and directors, one such man appeared to be a guarantee to fill the slot and lead the feature onto the big screen.

But Doug Liman had other ideas, walking away from a Marvel installment that promises so much while delivering nothing of substance for years. Speaking with We Got This Covered ahead of his war title The Wall which opens on May 12, the 51-year old gave a fairly circumspect explanation for his decision to quit the movie as he leaves Marvel and Tatum at a loose end.

DL: The Vibe Was Not Right For Me

Channing Tatum for Gambit

Opening up about his artistic process and the need to feel inspired, Liman referenced a number of his other ventures that he engaged in passionately. From the Bourne franchise to his 2017 installment The Wall with John Cena and Aaron Taylor-Johnson, the New York native argued that he has to buy into any motion picture wholeheartedly.

"I look for a personal connection to the movies I make and it may not be immediately obvious," he stated. "You know, like what's my connection to Jason Bourne? I have a deeply personal connection to that movie because it's all about Iran-Contra and my father ran the investigations into Iran-Contra. In every story I have a personal connection. The Wall, you'd be like what could this filmmaker from New York possibly have in common with these two soldiers pinned down in Iraq? But The Wall is really about perseverance. It's about picking yourself up and you just keep going and that's something I have firsthand experience with. Not in war but in other aspects of life. With Gambit, I just never found that personal way in. Sometimes it happens, sometimes it doesn't."

2018 Slot Still Slated Despite Ongoing Drama

Gambit Project with Channing Tatum

In February this year, Marvel producer Simon Kinberg attempted to ease fan's concerns about the movie to say that production would start in 2018. While similar assurances were made in 2016, he wanted to ensure that it was all systems go.

"Yeah, it is going to happen," said Kinberg, "and it's just a question... Channing (Tatum) is, in the best possible way, as committed and as rigorous about getting the character right as Ryan was with Deadpool and as Hugh was with Logan on this movie, and so it's been about finding a filmmaker and someone who can capture that voice and hand it off to Channing. But he's been a really critical part of the process, and we're hoping that the movie, probably given his schedule, will be ready to go this year and probably shoot next year."

Until a director is secured, then there is little substance to this claim.

Source: We Got This Covered