Donnie Darko Sequel Might Be In The Works, According to Director

Director Richard Kelly is eager to get back into the hot seat following something of a hiatus from making movies. The writer, producer and filmmaker won universal acclaim for his work on the cult hit Donnie Darko back in 2001, with the picture providing a unique script unlike any other to star Jake Gyllenhaal, Maggie Gyllenhaal, Drew Barrymore, Jena Malone and the late Patrick Swayze.

The 41-year old was still learning his craft 16 years ago and despite his inexperience, Kelly managed to create a masterpiece that still has fans questioning the merits of the plot and what it all actually meant.

Going on to work on 2006's Southland Tales and the 2009 disappointment The Box, Kelly might be going back to the narrative that shaped his career.

Touch of Trepidation, But Temptation Could Be Too Much

Donnie Darko

Wanting 2017 to be the year where he finally goes back to doing what he loves most, Kelly argued that he has a lot of different projects on his desk that he is juggling at the moment. Should the stars align, a fresh Donnie Darko would appeal to him.

“I think there’s something much bigger and more ambitious to do in that universe," started Kelly. "It’s big and expensive and I think there’s time to get to that. I want to make sure we’ve got the budget to do it justice and not to compromise anything. Another story in this world needs resources and we need to have that in place. I need to get my next film out of the gate and then we can go back and look at it.”

Only making $7.3m at the box office upon it's release in cinemas, the film developed a cult status on VHS and DVD to deliver a complex story that is interpreted a number of different ways. Should a studio come with the cash in hand with an offer, it seems Kelly is ready to get to work.

Forgettable 2009 Sequel Left Director Angry and Violated

Having no role in S. Darko, the 2009 flop could not have been more of a contrast to the original that thrilled so many viewers. Panned by critics and barely making a profit, Kelly outlined that he wants that installment completely wiped from all existence if he could.

“I’ve never seen it – it was horribly violating,” Kelly remarked. “It was incredibly painful to think about what they were doing, it made me very angry, filled with rage.”

Before NME let Kelly go, they had to enquire about his interpretation of the film and what it was really about.

“I think the film argues that life and death can perhaps coexist, that time is not necessarily a purely linear thing.”

Source: NME