Donald Trump Compared To Biff From Back to the Future In New Campaign Video

The latest piece of advertising from the Democratic nominee has taken her attack commercials to the next level. This time involving the world of Hollywood. In the 60-second television spot, quotes and footage from Donald Trump are interchanged with scenes from Back to the Future's very own Biff Tannen. As you may remember, no matter the time period, he was the baddest of the bad in the classic action adventure trilogy.

Whilst this interesting technique has raised some eyebrows, there is substance to the parallels drawn between the pair. 12 months ago The Daily Beast reported that the screenplay writer actually based Tannen off Trump. Creating a comical villain hellbent on taking down Marty McFly for his own selfish, personal gain. Is this art imitating life or the other way around?

Bully Line Cuts To The Core

Donald Trump Biff Tannen

The very beginning of the video starts with the definition of the word "bully". Stating that the noun is is in relation to "a blustering, overbearing person who puts down or intimidates others." The moments are cut between younger Biff during his 1955 days smacking Marty McFly's father in the face at the diner. All before kicking him out of the venue.

There is plenty more footage to take from all three features, but the Clinton campaign saved their ammunition for other movies. If they had some extra time to play with, surely the Tannen character that altered the future in the sequel would have been more apt. Portraying a billionaire living a luxurious but hollow lifestyle in a large tower with his name at the top of the building, all the while dealing with a fractured family. Sound familiar?

Other Bad Guy Links Far More Tenuous


We get the Trump connection - even the creator of the character admitted as much. But William "Billy" Zabka's Cobra Kai character? The video had a lot going for it but ended up overreaching when they showed a snippet of The Karate Kid bad guy.

Other villains of the piece Trump was compared to included Farkus from A Christmas Story and Rachel McAdams' Regina George character from Mean Girls. Should have stuck to Biff.