Donald Glover Says He Was A Lando Calrissian Fan From The Start

THR reports that Community star and alter ego of Childish Gambino is a diehard fan of the Star Wars character Lando Calrissian. A role Mr. Donald Glover will aptly be playing in the upcoming spinoff movie.

A spin-off movie that will focus around the beginning of Han Solo who departed the series in tragic circumstances during Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

Glover gave an insight into his childhood when he sat down with Ellen DeGeneres on her daytime television talk show Ellen. Explaining that the renegade Calrissian was a popular figure when he was growing up.

"That was the first toy I had — Lando," said Glover. "That was the very first. I remember it like yesterday. My dad gave it to me. I had a Darth Vader one too."

Parents Put The Pressure On The Newcomer

Knowing how important it is to nail the suave administrator from Cloud City, the young performer was not hiding the magnitude of the challenge. Never mind the break it offers his movie career. Best known for his records and taking part in the cult comedy series alongside Chevy Chase, Alison Brie and Joel McHale, this role puts him in a whole different stratosphere. Quite literally!

"It's really crazy. I'm very honored," said Glover. "It's a very big deal."

With his folks also growing up with the iconic fantasy series, his mother told the rapper in no uncertain terms: "Don't mess it up." Thanks mom!

The Acquisition Of The Ship Could Be A Narrative Explored In Spinoff

Han Solo Empire Strikes Back

CinemaBlend reports that the infamous Millennium Falcon could be at the heart of the spinoff. Long before the Rebellion formed and before he became the hero with the big reputation around the universe.

We also know that Lando does ask Solo during Emprire Strikes Back what Han did with "his ship". Further providing context that a change of hands took place. Knowing Solo, he might not have been given permission.

The Falcon is more famous than a number of characters and, if it makes a comeback, the origins of that acquisition would be interesting to see. The Phil Lord and Chris Miller directed project will make it to the big screen in 2018. Hopefully with an official title coming much sooner.