Domino Details Leaked For Deadpool 2 As Merc With The Mouth Teams Up With Spider-Man

The role of Domino is clearly a coveted one for actresses in Hollywood. As Deadpool 2 will look to build on their unparalleled success of 2016. Now it appears a character breakdown for the female superhero has made it's way online. Or that is how they are presenting the information.

The YouTube channel That Hashtag Show has dropped a new video this week to detail a rundown of the heroine in relation to look, age, development and background. Following the news of Kerry Washington as front runner, this little snippet might throw that theory out the window on one front in particular.

Domino Character: Essentially Deadpool As A Female

Domino Deadpool

Brooding, confident, sarcastic and a little vulnerable all at the same time? These characteristics might sound familiar as the channel explains what they have deduced from the rundown.

“Female. All ethnicities. Late 20s to early 30s. Sexy, lithe, and athletic. She has a witty personality. Neena (Domino) is a no-nonsense badass who rarely shows her feelings. Highly capable, supremely confident and armored in — well armor — and bullet-proof sarcasm. But beneath her shell she’s still and vulnerable and some soft, beating remnant of her humanity remains intact. In this scene we need to see both sides. When she can’t get what she needs with insults, bluster and threats we need to see some of that vulnerability. It’s hard for her to let down her guard, and in the mercenary community she grew up in showing compassion is almost embarrassing. We should feel like she’d be more comfortable killing Silberman than saying ‘Please.’”

It would be absurd to rule out Kerry Washington on the basis of her age at 40, especially given the fact Ryan Reynolds is the exact same age, but that profile is a push for the actress to play someone in their early 30s at best. Perhaps that is a department where they will lend a little leeway.

Deadpool and Spidey Up To No Good In Toy Form

Deadpool by his very nature is a prankster at heart and thanks to toy photographer Bmyhero highlights we get to see his hijinks alongside Marvel pal Spider-Man. Whether it's roasting facehuggers off the head of Ghost Rider, showing off his swordsmanship or pretending to be Captain America, the snaps truly capture the spirit of the character and the movie.

The subtle Alien reference and crossover will likely never come to fruition on the big screen for a number of contractual reasons, but it's fun to see it in action. And for those desperate to see Wolverine and the Merc with the Mouth together, there's that too.

Deadpool: "This is the best prank i ever do to Spiderman" 1/6 scale action figures.

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Man behind the mask: "Hey kid, can you guess who am i? Captain America or Deadpool?" 1/6 scale action figures.

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Deadpool talk to spiderman: "Hey kid, can you cut off your hand?" Wolverine: "OMG, not again." 1/6 scale action figures.

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Source: That Hashtag Show, Epic Stream