Deadshot Joins Harley Quinn as Suicide Squad Pair Prepare Double Spinoffs

Maybe this is a case of an ensemble falling down where a one-off flick would have succeeded. Suicide Squad has many shortcomings, but still managed to win over millions of people at the box office. Considering fans were ready to part with their hard earned dollars, the studio have seen it in their wisdom to plan for two spinoffs.

Deadshot and Harley Quinn in Suicide Squad Spinoff

The first in the form of Margot Robbie's Harley Quinn, which was known for some time. Yet a new development has emerged to suggest that Will Smith's character Deadshot is in for one of his own. Like every villain-turned good guy in the 2016 flick, Floyd Lawton was given a small introduction until Batman arrested him. Seen we get to see him with his daughter, there is clearly more scope to explore his backstory.

Rapid Robbie First Out Of The Gate As Actress Looks To Fastrack Movie

Harley Quinn Quad

Grossing $745.6m around the globe allows these types of choices to take place. And it appears as though Quinn will be out of the gates before Deadshot or even Suicide Squad 2 can take place. Securing director David Ayer, back again for the stand alone project, the Harley Quinn spinoff will utilize the star that is Australian Robbie in a producing capacity. All while giving the production a working title via Gotham City Sirens.

This is derived from a comic book series that includes numerous female Batman bad girls like Poison Ivy and Catwoman. To what degree those two are involved, if at all, is yet to be determined but those that know the material well will sift through the various characters to see what would be a best fit for Ms. Quinn's own movie.

Every Chance Ayer Could Go Third Time Lucky With Friend Will

Sometimes in this business, it is not a case of what you know but who you know. In David Ayer's case, the filmmaker has developed a close working relationship with the Concussion and Independence Day star. Integral in giving his Deadshot character a berth in the DC universe. Throw in the Netflix production Bright for good measure alongside Joel Edgerton and the Ayer-Smith team is a close one.

In a rare case of internal conflict with DC, actor Michael Rowe came out to lambast the success or lack thereof, at least critically, of Suicide Squad. As the man who played the character on Arrow felt hard done by. Killed off to make room for Smith's portrayal, Rowe felt let down by all involved of the double standard. Just as the pressure ramps up on Warner Brothers, DC, Ayer, Smith and co to make any spinoff a greater success than their respective debuts.

Source: NME, THR