Deadpool Creator Addresses Disney Buyout Talk As New Posters Emerge

20th Century Fox are at something of a crossroads as a studio at the moment as they contemplate selling off their Marvel superhero property to Disney. This move would potentially alter the entire landscape of the genre to connect the X-Men world with The Avengers, giving Disney complete autonomy over how they incorporate all of their characters with spinoff concepts, sequels, prequels and any other type of future installment based off the comics.

One such franchise that would be affected is Deadpool, with the follow up on the cusp of release in early 2018 prior to a string of other movies in the works based off the Merc with the Mouth. Now the creator of the R-rated comedic figure has issued a public statement directed to 20th Century Fox urging them to hold their cards and stick it out for the sake of their series.

Deadpool-X-Men Can Be To Fox What Star Wars is to Disney: Liefeld

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Using Instagram as his mode of communication, Rob Liefeld issued something of a tongue-in-cheek opinion on the news that Fox and Disney were breaking bread and considering a buyout of their superhero slate. Addressing the owners specifically in the Murdoch family, Liefeld argued that the world of Deadpool and the spinoff X-Men flicks can be incredibly lucrative to give the studio long-term stability and viability.

"Dear Rupert (Hi James, Hi Lachlan), It's your buddy Rob," he wrote. "Wait on any further talks until Deadpool 2 opens and does a billion. And X-Force! This is your Star Wars franchise and you've only scratched the surface. Everyone on the film side has kicked into overdrive. Watch that portfolio grow!"

Liefeld was not the only one expressing a degree of concern and caution. The star of the show in Ryan Reynolds has seen the franchise explode from a fringe passion project to a major Hollywood success story.

He thought about what the ramifications would be on social media as he reposted the news surrounding the negotiations.

"If this is true, I wonder how the fudge it would affect Deadpool?"

Wade Wilson Gives Thanks In Turkey Poster Treats

Setting business aside, Reynolds and Fox had some fun with Thanksgiving fast approaching on the calendar. The first of which had the Merc with an apron as he played around with some homemade innuendo to boot.

"My secret to a proper stuffing? Gentle hands, heavy eye contact, and bundles of thyme. #DeadHouseKeeping #Deadpool."

What would be a proper roast without his loved ones around a table?

"Thanksgiving in our house is a glorious, non-stop car accident set to the music of cocaine."

Source: MovieWeb