Deadpool 2 and New Mutants Starting Production This Year

Stagnation and chaos are not two qualities attributed to Marvel. With the superhero studio going from strength to strength in the realm of sequels, prequels and spinoffs. And 2017 is set to be another big money maker for the MCU, as producer Simon Kinberg outlined two productions gearing to get underway this year via Deadpool 2 and New Mutants.

Creating shockwaves at the box office last year, the Merc with the Mouth proved that R rated features can be a huge hit with moviegoers. And now Logan is prepped to follow suit. Despite the setback of Tim Miller abandoning the project to the Ryan Reynolds flick last year, everything is charging ahead thanks to the recruitment of John Wick co-director David Leitch.

Crafting The Script The Final Piece of the Puzzle


Kinberg recently outlined where both productions were at, intimating that the screenwriters will be the ones to give the green light.

"We’re gearing up to make both of them this year," said the filmmaker. "New Mutants we’re waiting on a new draft of the script, which we’re all very excited about. Josh Boone has been prepping that movie. Josh is someone who is a lifelong, hardcore fan of New Mutants, and the plan is to make that movie late spring, early summer of this year, and have it come out next year.

"Similarly with Deadpool 2, Ryan and the guys have been working hard on the script. We have a really good script for that movie, and we’re into the casting process right now for some of the new characters. There aren’t a lot of new characters, but there are some big ones, as I’m sure you can imagine. And the plan would be to shoot that movie this year as well and have it come out next year. So potentially next year you will have a surfeit of X-Men and X-Men-related movies in theaters."

This Isn't A TV Show: Kinberg

X-Force Deadpool

Alongside X-Force earning their own motion picture as Reynolds co-writes that script, Kinberg argued that the director's for each individual movie have plenty of creative leeway to go in their own direction. Not bound by the studio's scheduling down the track.

"There’s a long-term plan," said Kinberg. "There’s a long-term plan for what to do with each of these movies, and how these movies could potentially interact or come together in the future. And yet, within each of these films, there’s the freedom for the filmmaker to make whatever movie they want to make. So we don’t want to hamstring—it’s not an episode of a television show. We want to give filmmakers the opportunity to be creative and bold and provocative the way Jim Mangold was with Logan; the way Tim Miller and Ryan Reynolds were with Deadpool. We’ve seen that pay off creatively and commercially with Deadpool and hopefully with Logan, so we want to keep it within the larger timeline and larger sort of architecture, but give people an opportunity to play."

Source: Collider