DC News: Batman Director Pulls Out As Wonder Woman Scores New Villain

It is hard to know who is having a tougher time of it right now, the Trump administration or DC Films. The latter of which appears to transition from one PR disaster to the next. And, despite their assurances that all is well behind the scenes, the studio finds itself in a mad scramble to secure a director for The Batman.

With Ben Affleck turning down the opportunity, citing a lack of focus and a need to concentrate on his acting as a main source, this week Matt Reeves did likewise. The War for the Planet of the Apes filmmaker had been the hot favorite to revive the franchise. At least, until the 50-year old stopped talks with DC and Warner Brothers to break down negotiations in their tracks.

David Destined For Devilish Ares Role

Ares Wonder Woman

While the caped crusader suffers another loss, Wonder Woman is pushing forward with the addition of a new villain that is sure to excel the project to greater heights. Batman News reports that Englishman David Thewlis will be taking on the part of the horrifying bad guy that is Ares.

Thewlis is best known for his role as Professor Lupin in the Harry Potter franchise. The 53-year old has also enjoyed a storied career to feature in such titles as War Horse, RED 2, Basic Instinct 2, Legend and Macbeth. The position is said to be a mixture of CGI and more grounded personal effects as they bring the comic book creation to life throw Thewlis.

Batman Kicking Ass In JL Pic

Perhaps Ben Affleck is just taking his frustration out at the franchise, Matt Reeves or the whole business. Leaping down to deliver his brand of law enforcement ahead of the November 17, 2017 release of Justice League. The new image from Zack Snyder is true to form from the director as he attempts to engage the public with regular updates from the set of the blockbuster.

This picture fresh from the editing room of Vero shows Batman dropping down in what should be a large scale editing sequence, taking on what could be anything from Parademons to robots. Cinematographer Larry Fong shot the picture as the pair were working furiously in the DI suite, a room that only the filmmakers work in if the shooting is complete.

If the movie is coming along on schedule, there is a chance Snyder could take the helm of The Batman. But it would require a huge change in fortune from the critics coming in the wake of Batman v Superman. A title that still leaves a bitter taste.

Source: Batman News, Variety