Damian Lewis Cast For Ocean’s Eight Villain Role

The 45-year old Englishman might have had some moments in film prior to this casting, yet it is clear Damian Lewis has truly earned his spurs working diligently in the world of television. Perhaps something of a big break for his career as a result, the actor will join the likes of Sandra Bullock, Cate Blanchett, Anne Hathaway, Sarah Paulson, Helena Bonham Carter and Rihanna in Ocean's Eight.

Playing the role of the villain/victim, this seems to fall in nicely with what he has shown to date - a complex, confused but determined protagonist who ventures off on his accord.

With shooting currently underway in New York City before it wraps up in the coming weeks, the all female spinoff is not holding back on bringing in the best acting talent into the fold.

Lewis In The Middle of a Jilted Plot By Bullock

Like Andy Garcia's Terry Benedict before him in Ocean's Eleven, Lewis will be the target of a major heist. As the gang of girls narrow in on Sandra Bullock's ex lover. Bullock is portraying the leader of the group, as she brings in a collection of cons and thieves to pull the plot off successfully.

Coming out June 8, 2018, there is a bit of time between now and it's final release. All while Gary Ross' team ensure they have all the footage necessary before cutting it down for a final edit. Ross and Steven Soderbergh return to the franchise as producers, as well as Greg Silverman and Jesse Ehrman overlooking duties for the studio.

Damian The Ideal Bad Guy From His TV Time

Damian Lewis Billions

Anyone familiar with Lewis' television history understands what he brings to the table. Whilst he got his first break way back in 1993, it was his role as Nicholas Brody in the hit series Homeland for 3 years that brought him to the mainstream, playing an ambiguous war veteran who acts as a double agent for a terrorist organization.

If that didn't prove his worth enough, he took on the role of Bobby Axelrod in 2016 opposite Paul Giamatti in Billions. Lewis made the corrupt world of hedge fund managers sexy and dangerous, something that the studio were surely looking for with Ocean's Eight.

Source: Variety