Critics Love Jackie As Natalie Portman Praises The Strength of Former First Lady

The life and times of Jacqueline Kennedy is often pushed to the background, especially in the wake of her husband's murder on that fateful Dallas day in 1963. Yet the upcoming biopic Jackie from director Pablo Larraín has been universally praised as offbeat but compelling with Black Swan star Natalie Portman sweeping all before her in the lead role.

Such is the love for the Oscar winner's performance, some are speculating that she could be in line for a repeat effort according to Rolling Stone. Peter Travers from the publication states the case.

"This is a woman will not be denied, and neither will this potent cinematic provocation," argues the critic. "Powered by a transfixing Portman, Larrain's film – one of the year's best – is appropriately hard to pin down and impossible to forget."

Portman: She Understood The Gravity Of Her Words

Jackie 2016

The 35-year old sat down with CNN and discussed the late icon in relation to the public pressures and expectations she was under. From her dress to her body language and voice, every part of her life would be dissected.

"The accent is very specific," states Portman. "It's nice because it kind of tells a story, too, about her background. She has this very New York accent, (in) which you see this sort of Long Island heritage. Then you also get this kind of breathiness in the voice that shows this very desire to present yourself, especially when she was on TV it gets kind of breathier, to present yourself in a kind of feminine, coy way."

Flying under the radar after the tragedy, the former First Lady could not have been more adored by the woman that would portray her in 2016.

"She really just was so smart," outlined the actress. "(She) really understood history and really understood that the people who write history are the ones who define it. The story you write is more important than what actually happened, if you come up with a good enough tale."

Nat Chats Baby Bump On Fallon

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon - Season 4

Doing the media rounds this week, Portman stopped by in the relaxed setting that is The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon as the pair discussed an awkward social encounter where the talk show host was completely oblivious as to the actress's pregnancy.

"I just thought you were clean living, you know?" exclaimed Fallon. "I was like, 'Oh, that's Natalie, man. She rolls like that.' Because you're a vegan, right? So I was like, 'Wow, that's awesome.' I'm neither a vegan nor not drinking. I was so not pregnant. But this is unbelievable. This is great. Are people treating you differently?"

Portman gave some context, arguing that her height at a modest 5-ft 3 creates a different dynamic.

"It's weird because I'm a small person in general, so you show a lot faster and a lot more when you're small," she replied. "Everyone thinks I'm about to pop and about to give birth any minute, and I have months to go. I went to the store the other day to buy water and the guy at the checkout counter was like, 'Almost, huh?' I was like, 'No! Not at all!'"

Source: Rolling Stone, CNN, E News