Critics Give Amy Adams’ Sci-Fi Thriller Arrival Rave Reviews

The Daily Beast have not held back on their love and admiration for a clever science fiction blockbuster that appears to have broken the mold. Arrival - a new feature starring Amy Adams and Jeremy Renner about an alien "invasion" of sorts, has been given the tick of approval from seasoned moviegoers and described in some quarters as the "best" and "most profound" sci-fi flick of 2016.

Arrival (2016)

Directed by Denis Villeneuve of Sicario fame, this epic has been washed with praise for not speaking down to the audience or dumbing the subject material. All while merely providing a new take for a genre that has offered tired cliches of late. With the sequel to Independence Day fresh in the memories, this appears to be the perfect tonic for those hoping to wipe the slate clean and start again with an engaging sci-fi thriller.

Film Gets The Balance Just Right

Reviewer Nick Schager of TDB argued that the movie does not fall into the trap of typical “first contact” films as it explores "the intricacies of verbal and written language" better than other attempts. Yet the best part of the breakdown that gives a resounding two thumbs up is that it is just dark enough to keep viewers on the edge of their seat. But light enough to keep those same people entertained by "striking a delicate balance between dread and hope."

Arrival (2016)

Not taking any cues from comic books or prequels or spinoffs of similar narratives, Arrival is based on Ted Chiang’s acclaimed short story “Story of Your Life.” Overlapping with a number of topics that are relevant to modern day society, like dealing with foreign visitors and dealing with coded information, Adams, Renner and Villeneuve seem to have struck gold with this piece of work.

Adams Blown Away By The Story And Had To Be Involved

Arrival Amy Adams

When a script this good comes across an actor's desk, sometimes the temptation is too strong to avoid. Amy Adams certainly knows a good deal when she sees one, and as Entertainment Weekly reported, her enthusiasm for the project began form day one.

“The script was absolutely breathtaking and so emotional and intriguing,” she explained. “It’s about the way we communicate with each other, the relationships we have, the way we move through the world, and the choices that we make.”