Community’s Dan Harmon Made Doctor Strange Funnier

Either Marvel is attempting to bring in audience members who think modern superhero flicks are too dark and serious, or they've just given a frank admission of the influence of the screenplay writer. Collider reports that Dan Harmon, the creator and genius behind the cult hit television series Community, implemented a number of jokes throughout Doctor Strange.

All to ensure the upcoming Benedict Cumberbatch epic avoids the pitfalls experienced in the DC universe.

Hiring Harmon was always intended to lighten the mood and make sure the public didn't only return home blown away by the story and action sequences, but enjoyed some quality laughs. Until the feature is released this time next week in late October, no one knows for sure how much influence Harmon has had on the final product. Yet this admission is a promising revelation.

Harmon Given A Personal Screening Prior To Input

Dan Harmon Doctor Strange

For the writer to get a sense of what Marvel was about with Doctor Strange, the studio sat down Harmon for him to look over the product. All in hopes of getting some feedback. Head of Marvel Studios Kevin Feige spoke in glowing terms about the man and outlined what went down with bringing him into the fold.

"It is true that he was. He came in, he watched the movie," explained Feige. "We are all big fans of his work, clearly. We at Marvel Studios are fans of Community, it’s where we found Joe and Anthony Russo, who came onboard to do Winter Soldier, and of course Civil War, and the upcoming (Avengers) films. So, we’re big fans of that. We’re also fans of his cartoon Rick & Morty, which is about, of course, humor, but I would argue that any given episode of that show has an unbelievably amazing sci-fi concept that could be its own movie. So, really, we just wanted him to watch the movie, and talk to us about it, and give us his opinions on the sci-fi concepts. That was as important to us as any humor that he could add to the movie. And he was very, very gracious in doing that."

Lamborghini Pay For Product Placement In Crash Scene

Doctor Strange Car Wash Scene

In the cynical world of Hollywood, every scene is a commercial waiting to happen. The Financial Review reports that the all-important crash scene experienced by Cumberbatch's character to make him Doctor Strange has been paid for by Lamborghini. Who have included their latest Huracan model to be trashed by Steven Vincent Strange.

That moment is captured briefly in the trailer where it will show off the 10-cylinder, wedge-shaped, screaming hunk of menace valued at a whopping $US237,250. Even before a red carpet is put in motion, the studio has already banked a massive check to help recoup the movie budget.